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Serena Williams’ $10M Bel Air Mansion is Nothing Short of a Luxurious Retreat

Serena Williams is a name that needs no introduction. The tennis star has taken over the sports industry by storm and has been ranked as the number one female player in the world many times. Besides winning lots of tournaments and championships,  the tennis world has blessed Serena with unmatched wealth, and influence. She is a fashion icon, a smart businesswoman, a mother to Olympia and a wife to Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit.

Serena has a passion for big houses and she has invested in a number of expensive properties over the years including a massive $10 million Bel Air mansion that she recently sold off at a profit.

She bought a 1.25 acres property in Palm Beach Gardens at $2.5 million. The beautiful mansion is where she spends her time with husband and daughter. The house was built in 2015 and has a spa, full summer kitchen, a lanai, a pool, five bathrooms and five bedrooms.

The house is tastefully designed to ensure that space is not spared.  Every house that Serena has ever lived is expensive.  Before she got married, she has shared beautiful homes with her elder sister, Venus Williams

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