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Kourtney Kardashian’s New Blog Will Definitely Keep You Glued to Your Phones

The Kardashians are not always far from the news, and this time it is all about Kourtney Kardashian who has just launched a new blog site with contents on wellness, magnificence living, stylistic theme, cooking, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Her main goal is to help people, especially her fans, to experience their best lives. She also has a very cool name for the site, Poosh.

Kourtney Kardashian named the blog after her Daughters nickname, Poosh

More subjects and niches the site will touch include cleaning excellence, non-dangerous toys, tips for occupied moms, wellbeing-centered formulas, planning, style, and that’s just the beginning, with Kourtney claiming that she will do all that is within her reach to make sure that she meets all these objectives.

The name of the blog is also said to be derived from her daughter’ nickname. Kourtney’s daughter is 6 years old, and she is fondly called Poosh, hence the name for the blog. The site is also aimed at helping mothers with common domestic issues that she faces.

The Inspiration Behind The Blog

Asked about the inspiration behind the blog, she explained that she created it in a bid to reach out to those who regularly reach out to her to ask her how she copes being a single mom who also works on a full-time basis. She claims to get many questions from close associates and strangers about taking care of kids, beauty tips, fashion tips, and also food.

The blog was created to serve as an interactive platform on giving basic life tips, especially for moms

Because of this, she decided to create the blog site to help her answer these questions, and reach out to people, as well as sharing standard living tips.

Further insights on the most proficient methods to accomplish performing multiple tasks as a mother. In a video on the blog where she interviewed mom Kris Jenner, she talked on how to be a boss, quipping in some life hacks and tips she follows on her daily basis.

Also, it is expected that she will have similar interview sessions with other famous celebrities including her family members, and for those who are ardent followers of the Keeping up with the Kardashians show, this is looking to be another lovely venture.

The Editorial Team of The Blog

As expected, the blog is already making waves, especially on Instagram where the page has about 2.5 million followers already.

There is also a section on the blog where Kardashians’ products can be ordered

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