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You Won’t Believe What Breaking Bad Fans Have Made The Home Owner of Where The Movie Was Shot, Do

Invasive Fan Actions

For fans, Breaking Bad came to an end in 2013. However, things didn’t end for the actual owners of the house that belonged to Walter White in the series. According to reports, they keep reliving the scene where Walter throws pizza on the roof every now and then. Reports have it that several fans enjoy reenacting that scene and in 2015, Vince Gilligan, the showrunner, had to appeal to them to desist from the cheese flinging.

Fans can’t stop reenacting the scene from Breaking Bad where Walter throws pizza on the roof

The renter of the apartment that was used as Jesse Pinkman’s, the second most important character of the show, also experienced a fair share of disturbance from fans of Breaking Bad. The renter who goes by the name Weckiai Rannila also has to come in contact with a handful of tourists every week who are trying to take a picture of the apartment where the “Roomba-DJing” happened.

Homeowners’ Reactive Action

However, the homeowners have had enough, and have decided to do something to stop the persistent fans of the TV show. To that effect, Joanne Quintana decided to erect a wrought-iron fence that is six-foot high round the home that spans across 1,910 square feet.

The homeowner has decided to build a six-foot-high fence round the home to block out the show’s fans

According to Quintana, making that decision wasn’t an easy one as they would rather not have to live behind gated walls. She said the real homeowners are the ones getting locked up. She recounted her experience, stating that every week several tourists that are sometimes up to a hundred or more in one week, come around their property trying to take pictures and going away with their “souvenirs” which consist of the rocks in front of their house.

She added that some of the tourists go as far as telling them to keep their garage closed while others command them to stay out of their pictures.

She expressed hope that upon the completion of the fence, there would be no room for such intrusive behavior. However, reports have it that the fans of the TV series have actually found their way around the wall and can still keep taking pictures of the residence.

Hopefully, the iron fence around the house would keep the pizza-throwers in check. Fans of the finale season who want to reenact an episode or the other should opt for scenes that are less invasive such as the impromptu recital of Skinny Pete or the part about Huell’s money pile languish.

About Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a creation of Vince Gilligan, the same person who spent a lot of years working on The X-Files. According to reports, Gilligan’s intention was to come up with a series where the protagonist would become the antagonist.

The title of the show is actually a Southern colloquialism which has diverse meanings including raising hell. Gilligan chose the title because in his opinion it was a perfect description of Walter’s transformation.

Breaking Bad colloquially stands for raising hell

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