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Could 2019 Be the Year to Kickstart Your Business?

We are halfway through the first month of the New Year, which means that we ought to have begun executing our resolutions.

Isn’t it exciting?

Indeed, many of us have mulled over the possibility of shifting different aspects of our lives; whether it is in the financial, business, relationship, or health spectrum.

The prospect of new beginnings is certainly what makes this year all the more intriguing! For those that are looking to add the title ‘entrepreneur’ to their list of coveted names, this might be the year to do so.

Indeed, if you are a latent entrepreneur that hasn’t figured out how to entangle himself or herself from the sedentary hold of a ‘safe work environment; the clock is ticking, and it’s high time you made that crucial decision.

If you are looking to start a business, the start of a new year might be the best time to do so

The Reality About Being An Entrepreneur

The truth is, entrepreneurs always find themselves between a rock and a hard place when they start out.

It’s their resolve that bails them out. That small voice in their head that propels them to do something with utmost concentration, and guides them on how to improve their business model.

Some call it intuition, while others call it the GodForce…

Whatever one’s mantra on this might be, it’s crystal clear that it’s the backbone of any entrepreneur.

Every day we spend cooped up in the office monologuing ‘if I was in charge, I could do this better’, we are slowly chipping at our sanity.

So it’s only a matter of time before our job becomes a living nightmare!

Plus, no matter how hard we try to over-achieve at the office, no amount of numerous pats on the back or accolades can fill the gaping hole of wanting to start our own business.

Entrepreneurship is not so much about what you know, but rather acting on your brilliant idea

Taking That Big Risk

There’s a classic argument out there that there is an entrepreneurial personality type. That is, some people are innately predisposed to take risks while others prefer the comforts of safety and security.

One famous argument to support this takes us back to the evolution of man. As the theory goes, prior to man’s shift to agriculture, he depended heavily on hunting and gathering.

With that in mind, man has always been a social creature. So communities were divided into hunters, while others remained attending to the homestead and providing security.

For those that braved the wild to bring back the boar, they evolved the art and resolve of risk-taking.

While those that stayed in the homestead and provided security, their descendants always preferred safety over instability!

Perhaps this explains why some people can just up and walk out of their jobs, and in a few years,  find themselves on the list of Forbes 40 under 40!

In fact, there are specific traits to such individuals.

These are the type of people that always question the powers that be, find it difficult to adapt to a traditional school setting, and always seem to be at the core of any problem-solving venture.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs will admit that they never knew how they would do it, but they did it all the same

Harmonizing With Your Desire For Entrepreneurship

Richard Branson is hands down one of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs out there.

His story is truly a touching one, considering how he managed to overcome a series of hurdles (as well as dyslexia) to achieve the coveted billionaire status.

At one time, Branson was unable to comprehend his own financial statements, despite being one of the wealthiest men in Europe.

After spending a couple of years in business, one of his trusted confidants set him aside at a board meeting and took the liberty of explaining to him what net income meant.

It’s how he explained it that was truly ingenious…

The confidant drew a picture of the ocean, and in the middle top of it, was a large net holding a lot of fish. Branson was told that the ocean was the gross income, while the net represented the ‘net income’ retrieved from the revenue of the ocean!

Immediately, Branson grasped the concept.

However, what was captivating about this story was that here was a man sans any knowledge about the most basic concepts in business, yet had managed to become one of the most successful businessmen around!

In conclusion, entrepreneurship is not so much about what you know, but about taking those crucial risks, and learning new information along the way.

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