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Apple Unveils Its Most Powerful Mac Pro So Far! Here’s the Catch

For the past few years, people all over the world have anticipated Apple’s announcements for its newest iPhone unit. However, this time, the tech-giant aims for a grand 2019 plan by unveiling its most powerful Mac Pro yet. Computer geeks and gamers will definitely love its superb specs and features. However, the stakes may be high in order for you to acquire this high-end gadget. Let us unveil what Apple is offering this season.

A Powerful Mac Pro

Apple revealed in TechCrunch that the company plans to release a new Mac Pro computer in 2019. This product may not have been updated for years, but the company wants to rebrand the model by launching a new desktop unit that will shape the future developers and businesses. Apple has also revealed that the Mac Pro will double their size in terms of its software features to expand its services for businesses, schools, and enterprises.

More than that, they are upgrading their hardware so that it can cater augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and other ambitious industrial projects for their clients. It will also use a newly optimized framework to eliminate bottlenecks and loading time when doing simultaneous work or tasks.

Mac Pro currently holds the title as Apple’s least popular computers.

Even if Apple rarely forecast their future iOS products, Tom Boger told TechCrunch that they opt to do so in order to provide transparency and open communication with their pro community.

They don’t want them to feel left behind. They want to ensure their loyal Mac Pro users that Apple is working hard to provide an advanced computer they can use comfortably for either work or leisure. It’s also high time for the company to provide fixes and updates on the bugs the users encountered from the previous unit.

The Mac Workflow Team

Apple’s SVP Phil Schiller also stated that the developers and its pro customers have been waiting a long time to have their needs addressed. That’s also the reason why it will take longer to release the new Mac Pro unit (contrary to their previous announcement in 2017). It’s because Apple has gone the extra mile in building a solid communication with Pro users and interacted with them personally to know their problems and wishlist features for the next Mac Pro generation.

This year, Apple established a “Pro Workflow team” in which they hire some of their Pro customers to actively collaborate in developing an upgrade.

John Temus lead the group and works closely with the engineering department to create a great piece of Apple hardware. He revealed that their architects sat beside their customers and engaged in meaningful conversations to understand and develop the custom features and workflow machines to suit their client’s individual needs.

The team’s main purpose may be to fix current bugs and then release the next generation of Mac Pro, but Temus revealed that they have already grown fond of this diverse team. That’s why they’re also inviting the team to collaborate in releasing its future Pro products.

Save the Date

The new Mac Pro cylindrical desktop is set to be introduced at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) this coming June, 2018 in San Jose, California. However, the actual release of the said device isn’t going to hit the shelves until 2019. While most Apple users are excited to buy and experience the upgraded version of this device, they may have to save money to afford it.

Since all of its features have been upgraded, one should expect an increase in price too. In fact, the company estimates that the latest Mac Pro unit will cost around $2,999 for the basic level device. This is in contrast to their plan to reduce the price cost for the next generation of iPhone X unit. Do you think this new Mac Pro will be worth the price?

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