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Ariana Grande’s Ponytail Gets New Endorsement Deal!

Givenchy made a huge announcement last week Friday, and to be honest, everybody saw it coming. On Thursday, they revealed a video via their Instagram page, that showed a silhouette image of a woman flipping her ponytail hair. The caption of the video stated that the image in the video is the new face of the fashion brand, and they would be making an official announcement the next day, Friday.

Since the silhouette image was that of a female with a ponytail hair, it was a no brainer that the person was Ariana Grande. She is the only pop star known to spot such hairdo. Fast forward to Friday, and there really wasn’t a surprise when Ariana became the latest face of Givenchy.

Givenchy posted a silhouette image of a lady in a flipping ponytail like Ariana’s

Givenchy Press Release

Following the unveiling, Givenchy issued a press release saying Ariana was chosen because everything about her artistry aligns with the Givenchy brand. The press release talked about her impertinence, her kindness, swiftness, and all brought together by her touch of mystery.

Ariana Grande’s Press Release

Ariana Grande whose career has been on a meteoric rise, also gave a press release of how she is excited to become a part of the Givenchy family. She spoke of her admiration for the brand, and how it (the collaboration) had been a long time coming.

Being a part of the brand to her is a dream come true, and she is honored for the privilege. She also spoke about the clothing line, the joy it brings to people who wear it, and above all, the confidence a lot of people derive from it.

According to Ariana, not only does the clothing cut across so many age brackets, it is a beautiful piece, and she is proud to collaborate with Givenchy brand that makes people appreciated for what they are, and make them unapologetic for their potentials and what they ever want to be.

This new collaboration is already making waves on various social media platforms, especially after Ariana posted a short video of her hitting those high notes on her Instagram page. She captioned it with the collaboration hashtag #Arivemchy and #Givenchy family.

However, the Givenchy fall-winter campaign that Ariana is expected to Starr in would not be unveiled until July.

The Givenchy Fall Winter Campaign will not be unveiled until July 2019

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, 25, in an American songster, songwriter and actress. She is very popular for her energetic performances, as well as the ability to hit various vocal ranges. She is also known to be very outspoken, having voiced her opinions as an active feminist and a supporter of the LGBT community. She has numerous musical awards to her name, which includes a Grammy award, multiple Billboard awards and American Music awards.

Ariana Grande is famous for her wide musical range, and came through the ranks singing music soundtracks

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