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Chefs, Get in Here! Here’s an Opportunity to Live in The Buckingham Palace

Have you ever dreamt of what it would feel like to live behind the walls of Buckingham Palace? Well, who hasn’t? The opportunity is here for you to turn your dream into reality, but it also comes with a condition; you must be a chef willing to accept an underpay.

The Vacancy

Right now, The Queen needs a chef, and upon hiring one, the chef would live full time in the Buckingham Palace. The vacancy application states that the chef must be a very ambitious person, and at the same time have a passion for culinary services. Upon being hired, the chef will share a living with other staff members of the palace.

The salary is an underpay of $27,743 per annum

The chef will receive a salary of just $27,743 per year and research has revealed that this is about $4000 less than the average salary of what chefs in London earn. Is your dream of living in the Buckingham palace greater than raking in big bucks for yourself?

Other Benefits of This Opportunity

Regardless of the low salary, there are still a lot of benefits to enjoy like free accommodation and of course free meals as well. Also, the chef would be entitled to a 15% pension contribution scheme. The job vacancy application post states that the chef could be obligated to travel to other residences of the royal family for similar duties.

The employment comes with free accommodation and free daily meals

The vacancy application also reminds prospective employees of the relatively high behavioral standards expected from the palace staff, and how busy it usually is working at the palace. The chef must also be qualified with a certificate to show for it.

Another important criteria indicated by the vacancy is a wealth of experience in culinary practice. However, the most important factor is the ability to perform the duties as expected as well as the enthusiasm to do so.

The Historic Palace

The Buckingham Palace is rated as one of the loveliest places to live in the world. It is the headquarter for the British monarchy. It has a total of 775 rooms of which consists of 19 staterooms and 52 bedrooms.

Buckingham Palace became the official royal palace in 1762

There are 188 bedrooms for the staff, 17 bathrooms and another 94 rooms that serve as offices. There are times scheduled for a tour around the palace, especially during the summer and some periods in the yuletide season. The palace events center also hosts galas and award ceremonies all through the year.

The Buckingham Palace became the official royal residence as far back as 1762. Most of the decorations since that time have been remodeled and the buildings renovated, although, some places of historical significance have been left untouched to preserve their original state.

Upon being hired as a chef in the palace, there would be a lot to fall in love with from the exquisite structure to the beautiful scenery, mouth-watering benefits like feeding and accommodation and not forgetting to mention, everyday easy access to the Royals. You could even become best friends with the Queen!

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