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E-Tron Set to Be Unveiled by Audi. Will This Be Tesla’s Biggest Competition Yet?

In a world where the Tesla has become more common than a rainbow, it’s crystal clear that other auto companies have to devise ingenious ways to come up with new and exciting car models for the market.

Indeed, it seems that Musk’s company is cranking out Tesla’s in record numbers.

Perhaps as a testament to this vicious competition, Audi has released a brand new, fully electric SUV that is poised to put Tesla’s dominance to the test and to give them a run for their money.

E-Tron is the new electric vehicle poised to hit the market soon.

Highly Anticipated E-Tron

The new electric SUV, or e-tron, is poised to hit the market the spring of next year and has been largely heralded a game changer by Audi, a German automaker by origin.

Moreover, the company saw it fit to unveil its highly anticipated SUV in California, Richmond.

Interestingly, the site of the unveiling will be at an aged Ford plant, which is right across the bay from San Francisco. That being said, Audi has not revealed whether it will disclose the e-Tron’s range.

One of the reasons why is because the range and the cars have not been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Nevertheless, the car is expected to be in high competition with Tesla vehicles, which have all shown to get over 295 miles when they are fully charged.

Audi, on the other hand, is confident in its performance primarily because its styling has helped the company attract a large number of upscale buyers based in the United States.

That being said, e-Tron aims at moving towards Tesla’s market all guns blazing.

Audi’s E-Tron is aiming to give Tesla’s Model X a run for their money in the electronic vehicle market

Biting at Tesla’s Heels

While the range of the vehicle is poised to be a little less than that of the Tesla Model X, which is a highly priced electric SUV, President of Audi America quips that the difference won’t be that much for potential customers.

Keogh further told CNBC on Tuesday last week that there is too much concentration on range. Indeed, Audi has a 95-kilowatt battery, which is quite large.

That being said, Keogh advises that consumers should not so much concentrate on the range of the vehicle. Rather, whether or not the individual will enjoy it while they are driving.

Other notable features of the SUV is that it will reach speeds of 0 to 60mph in roughly 5 seconds. Moreover, the cars are poised to have a base price of $74,800.

Additionally, it is poised that the highest trim level will begin at $86,700. If one is looking to reserve one, they can do so for $1000, and be among the first individuals to receive theirs once deliveries start being issued in the second quarter of 2019.

Additionally, the likes of Mercedes are poised to enter the electronic vehicle market soon

Exceptional Features

Additionally, drivers of the e-Tron will also receive an 80 percent charge in only half an hour, especially if they plan to have high-speed charges in public stations.

Moreover, Audi has also decided to partner with Amazon to provide consumers with EV charging installations at the comfort of their homes.

That being said, the question for many potential consumers and analysts is whether or not the E-Tron will be able to successfully challenge Tesla in terms of dominance when it comes to the luxury market with electronic vehicles.

Indeed, the new vehicle releases from Audi will spark a vicious competitive nature in the market.

Tesla Welcoming the Competition

Interestingly, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has welcomed the competition, stating that the arrival of other competitors in the Electronic Vehicle market will trigger more individuals to desist from gasoline-powered vehicles.

Indeed, Audi has high expectations that the Electronic Vehicle sector will expand exponentially over the next decade, and Audi claims to be at the forefront as the most trusted car maker.

Keogh also believes that a majority of consumers would like ‘super cool cars’, as he puts it, to be launched in the luxury car market because it is what they want. This way, there will be a lot of growth in the market.

Nevertheless, the e-Tron, as well as other electronic vehicles poised to be released by Mercedes as well as other luxury electric vehicles will spark massive competition that Tesla has yet to experience.

Whether these brands will manage to gain a strong presence in the market and strong networks with loyal customers is something for the future.

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