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Here Are Some Extravagant Possessions Bill Gates Has Spent Money On

Ever looked at the names on Forbes’ richest list and wonder how much of the money they spend on fun things?

Well, the world’s richest man Bill Gates, 63, who has been a billionaire since age 31, when Microsoft went public was once asked this question in an interview session. The exact question was “what is the most treat yourself thing you have ever gotten as an extremely rich person?”

Bill Gate’s First “Treat Yourself” Splurge

Bill Gates smiled before explaining that only two things come in mind pertaining to this. The first he explained is his house, but not exactly that, as he has a trampoline room in it.

However, he claims that it is quite hilarious because he rarely makes use of the room, but his children do from time to time, using it for a workout session and a way to work out excess energy in the body. Quite Intriguing that the wealthiest man in the world would speak or a trampoline room as one of his most treat yourself acquisition, isn’t it?

Bill gate got a house with a trampoline room to treat himself, but he hardly ever uses the room.

His Second “Treat Yourself” Splurge

The second is, however, something of greater value, his private jet. However, he explained that the private jet was for him to be able to go about his business more easily. He explained that the private jet helps him a lot with business, especially his foundation works, which his wife Melinda is said to be in charge of. Bill also explained that he is very privileged to have a private jet. Really modest from someone who has been estimated by Forbes to worth about $100 billion.

Bill Gates bought a private jet mainly to help him with logistics as regards his foundation duties.

Well seemingly, Bill Gates isn’t entirely the treat yourself guy compared to a lot of billionaires who are not even as rich as he is.

How Does This Compare To Other Wealthy People?

Examples of such are Mark Cuban who claimed that his all-time goal was to have a private jet to himself and he finally felt a lot of fulfillment when he finally got one. He claimed that for him that is his most valued asset.

Tillman Fertitta, on the other hand, claimed that he was very particular about a private jet, and it really helped him a lot for his business proceedings when he got one. The CEO of Fertitta entertainment claimed that with the private jet, he has been able to move his business forward by completing a lot of ground, and as such he can leave for anywhere anytime he wants to.

For some, it is either a huge mansion, a powerfully rated automobile or a yacht, but the first thing “treat yourself” thing that comes to the mind of the richest man in the planet happens to be a trampoline room, one which he ever hardly makes use of.

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