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Guess What Happened to Doronin’s Gift to Campbell For Her 41st Birthday

Naomi’s Luxurious Gift

Naomi Campbell got a vacation home as her 41st birthday gift, courtesy of Vladislav Doronin, her former Russian billionaire boyfriend. The vacation home was a creation of Luis de Garrido, and it comes in the shape of Egyptian protection symbol (Eye of Horus). The island vacation home is located in the Gulf of Gökova, Turkey, precisely the Isla Playa de Cleopatra

Vladislav Doronin gifted Naomi Campell a luxurious glass-domed vacation home in celebration of her 41st birthday

The gift served as an ideal redefinition of the concept of protection. The house perfectly incorporated the Eye of Horus which is the symbol of protection and royal power in ancient Egypt. The design isn’t the only enchanting feature of the home as it is also fully water and energy self-sufficient. This glass-domed house also has a fascinating indoor landscape terrace with at least 25 bedrooms and 5 lounges. The landscaped terrace makes it possible to enjoy the incredible views surrounding the property.

Classical Design

The luxury vacation home was designed by Luis de Garrido, a Spanish Architect with specialization in building sustainable homes. He designed this Eco-House Horus in such a way that makes it fully food, water, and energy self-sufficient. Just like Garrido’s past projects, he utilized careful bioclimatic design for solving the efficiency issues of the utilities.

The Eco-house Horus is designed in a way that makes it completely water, food, and energy self-sufficient

The multi-level glass dome has steel frames as well as glass panels that allow rays of sunlight into the home all through the year. Even though the greenhouse effect helps to promote natural heating, some measures like tilted louvers and landscaping help to keep the heat at a bearable level when its summer. The house also reportedly has sufficient ventilation.

The property has photovoltaic panels and a geothermal system that provides all the energy the home could ever need. It has a system for harvesting rainwater and a biological system that helps in treating the wastewater.

Peculiarities Of Eco-House Horus

Legend highlights that Cleopatra and Antony swam in the beaches and also laid on the shores. The famous beach has sand and seashells, and every grain has a perfect spherical shape. Legend also has it that ships were used to bring the organic sand from the popular Red Sea particularly for Cleopatra and this particular kind of sand is found only in Egypt.

The concept of the house is one that comes in the form of a romantic dream with a comfortable microclimate and constant flow of light, heat, and air.

Naomi Campbell is a proud owner of a spaceship-looking home

However, the 5-year relationship between Vlad and Naomi has since come to an end. The last time Vladimir and Naomi were seen together was when they were on Miami Beach.   According to some sources, the relationship that existed between them was more of a business relationship.

There were speculations that while Naomi helped bring glamour to Vlad’s hotels and other properties, he made a lot of efforts to treat Naomi extremely well.  However, even with the breakup, Naomi still has exclusive ownership of the classic glass-domed home.

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