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Here’s How Bill Cosby Became Broke After a Net Worth of $400 Million

The story of how Bill Cosby who was once the highest-paid comedian in Hollywood and a net worth estimate of $400 million became broke remains a very sad and unfortunate one.


Along the line, there were always rumors about his molestation of women, together with various sexual assaults allegations levied against him.

It was obvious that Cosby lived a very skewed lifestyle, and it all came to light when he was found guilty of forcefully having his way with Andrea Constand in his home after drugging her. She was said to be a staff at Temple University where Bill Cosby got some of his honorary degrees.

Cosby who was famous for “The Cosby Show,” and known as the American dad was at some point in time the world’s most paid entertainer and years after years his net worth rose steadily.

Bill Cosby, the comedian, is very popular for his “The Cosby Show” that has a lot of airplay over the years. There is presently a rerun of the show.

But with all of the allegations now lined up against him, he could lose all of his fortunes through fine and settlements. A recent court ruling has found him guilty of about three charges that have to do with assault situations.

Presently, he faces an aggravated 30 years in a prison sentence, as well as fines as much as millions of dollars.

The Three Lawsuits Levied Against Him

In one of the other 3 lawsuits that Cosby faces, a woman known as Judy Huth claimed that when she was 14, she was made to drink alcohol, and at the same time molested by Bill Cosby in his mansion.

Another woman, Chloe Goins who claimed to be a model levied similar allegation against Cosby, she says she was drugged and raped by him in 2008. These lawsuits will reportedly go to trial in the summer.

He has made several appearances in court, over these allegations

The Third allegation against Bill Cosby is one of defamation. This is as a result of TV personnel Janice Dickinson being defamed and labeled a liar by Cosby after she claimed to have been a victim of both his molestation and drugging.

For Bill Cosby now, it seems a case of when it rains, it pours!

Everyone Dissociates From Him

Apart from financial implications that these allegations are causing, Cosby is also having a massive fallout with a lot of institution.

An example of this is Temple University canceling the multiple honorary degrees he earned from them, all in the name of distancing themselves from him and the unfortunate situation he has found himself.

At the moment, Bill Cosby cannot even afford to settle his legal team anymore, and needs a loan to do that.

Furthermore, the rerun of his show which was said to earn him massive income in royalties has now been taken off air. As of now, Cosby is trying to generate loan to be able to settle his legal team

With him possibly paying Millions of Dollars for settlements on some of these allegations, it is obvious that the man his finally broke and facing bankruptcy.

It is no longer a funny situation for a famous comedian!

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