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Here’s All You Need to Know About Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Products Set to Launch Today

Rihanna is that lady that we all love, isn’t she? Her fan base is quite ridiculous, and the power she wields over them cannot be overlooked.

She is that lady that every girl loves and every guy’s dream. If Rihanna gives beauty tips, or recommends that you need to add more colors to your make up look, then no one can say she isn’t right.

Fenty Beauty Store

Last month, she launched Fenty Beauty store, with the first product being Sun Stalker Bronzers. Now she is back with another amazing product series called Getting Hotter. A lot of her fans are already frenzying over it, especially when she announced that the products were limited in number.

According to her, the new collection is expected to lunch today, on May 10 and it will feature about seven different lipstick colors. They have been named, Sun snatched, Alpha doll, hot-blooded, Moto bora, Tropic Tantrum, Go deep, and Purpiscle. It has been revealed that these color pigments are formulated in such a way that they are perfect and fashionable on anybody regardless of the skin tone.

Fenty Beauty Store was launched in April with the first product being Sun Stalker Bronzers

The Getting Hotter Products

Aside from the Lipsticks, there are other products like the eyeliners that are categorized into three, namely the Baewatch, the Baeside and the Baecay. The eyeliners are created with bright colours and other substances like Neon and pastels adding an amazing touch to the eyebrow game.

The Fenty website also revealed teasers of the Getting Hotter products with Rihanna modeling each color and product. She had a pink, blue, and green eyeliner shade on, looking as exquisite as ever.

The Products Include Lipsticks and eyeliners of various shades and forms

Rihanna’s Been Giving Hints

With the teaser, a lot of fans realized that Rihanna has been giving hints on this new product for years now. Pictures from last year’s Coachella festival are evidence of this. Also, at the Luis Vuitton runway show that took place on June, 2018, she had some of these products on but nobody knew they were part of her now-new line.

Just recently she had a fashion shoot, and most of the eyeliners and lipsticks from the Getting Hotter products were utilized. With the announcement of the products, all of these have come to light, and they finally make perfect sense.

Let’s not forget that Rihanna is still going through the legal works for her skincare products as well as her fashion brand that she has named LVMH. Her industriousness is second to none, and we all love her for that.

Getting hotter products from Fenty Beauty will launch today and they will later be available in stores. They will also be available for purchase on Fenty Beauty and Sephora’s online stores.

The Getting Hotter products will launch on the 10th of May

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