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Learn the No1 SECRET of These Super Young Billionaires’ Success!

When we talk about rich and successful people, we look up to seasoned businessmen and entrepreneurs who have somehow contributed to changing the world. Names of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, among others, are the ones to first pop into our mind.

We often think that we need to work hard for years in order to touch the skies like they have. But, the truth is, we can become as rich and successful as they are, no matter our age. Yep! How so? Let’s unveil the secret how these young billionaires have aced their way to the top and grabbed the cream of the crop to become rich and successful in their own respective field.

The Youngest Billionaires of All Time

John Collins, 27 ($1 Billion Net Worth)

Did you know that Collison was once a Harvard Dropout?

Landing on our fifth spot is John Collison, 27 years of age. He was born in the countryside of Limerick, Ireland where his parents ran a lakeside hotel. He is the current president and the co-founder of Stripe. Together with his brother, they first conceived the idea of Stripe while they were still studying in Boston.

They kept working hard on the said idea until they finished developing the first patch of it. They processed their first payment while on a vacation in South America. Since then, they co-founded and ran the business together up to this day. Stripe is now one of the most popular payment systems for businesses and individuals doing transactions over the internet and becoming a massive success that has closed an astounding $150 million of assets and net worth.

Evan Spiegel, 27 ($4.1 Billion Net Wort)

Evan is a living proof that the youth is the hope of our future. Youth has the power to change the world and make a difference, according to him. In fact, he used the power of millennials to rise up and achieves his phenomenal success. How? He, together with his fraternity brother, Murphy, co-founded the messaging app company called Snapchat. The two first met at Stanford University a few years ago.

In a short period of time, there were able to bring to life the messaging app that can recover and send disappearing messages. Their idea received massive support from the public, especially the teens and millennials who used their app every day.

In fact, around 170 million people all over the world are signing up on Snapchat every day. And a majority of their users came from the young sector. Spiegel said that the youth was their secret why Snapchat became the only Tech-giant company founded by a young CEO himself. Today, both Murphy and Spiegel own around 18% of shares of Snap. However, they still have full control of the company and the board since the stockholders also gave their voting shares to them.  

Gustav Magnar Witzøe, 24 ($1.9 Billion Net Wort)

Gustav is what you call a man born with a silver spoon

Gustav Magnar inherited the largest fish farming company called Salmar from his father and continues to run the business with him. Salmar hails as the largest salmon producers in the world. He industrialized and innovated the fish farming in Norway to refine their existing products that yielded higher margins to their sales and profit. However, according to Forbes report, Gustav Magnar wants to carve his own path too by investing in tech startups and real estates. Let’s see how he will shape his own future in the next few years!

Katharina, 22 and Alexandra Andersen, 21 ($1.4 Billion Net Worth Each)

The Andersen sisters run the world as the youngest billionaires of all time.

Also from Norway, Katharina made a buzz on the internet when the authorities charged her an astounding 250,000 kroner for drunk driving. However, it seemed this amount was nothing to her because she hails as the second youngest billionaire in the world.

She trails behind her sister, Alexandra, who’s only a year younger than her! Both sisters inherited around 42% of their family investment business named Ferd. It has several private equity investments and Ferd actively invests in the Nordic Stock Market too. Their father, Johan, still runs the company as the CEO and controls around 70% of the voting shares via dual-class structure.

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