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Mayweather Shows off His Latest Acquisition on Instagram and People are Having Mixed Feelings about It

Floyd Mayweather is famous for displaying his monstrous individual riches frequently on the internet. His most recent magnum opus is a jet which he has named Air Mayweather.

His name and boxing record were inscribed on the jet. From the pictures he shared on his Instagram, it is obvious that the jet is a gulf stream G650, the price range for the jet is said to be around $60 million, and this does not include any form of an additional feature he must have added.

The jet served as a form of a birthday gift for the superstar who has recently clocked 41. His love for jets and a lavish lifestyle are well-known people even saying that he one time had to rent a jet just to fly to Iceland and get a picture for Instagram.

The Features

Apart from his name boldly inscribed at one side of the jet, he also added the “50-0” on one wing to brag about the number of battles he had that he never got defeated.

Mayweather’s Instagram Message

Floyd likewise set aside some effort to get contemplative while additionally giving fans a view at the lavishly-furnished interior of the jet lodge.

Mayweather gave a cryptic Instagram message as a caption to the images he shared

He explained on his Instagram post that not a lot of people know the little Floyd version of him, neither do they know the pretty boy Floyd version. The only version that they know is the money one. Furthermore, he explained that a lot of people think that the money version of him was handed to him, but the opposite is the case. He claimed to have fought his way from the bottom, from poverty, to the fortune and life he enjoys today.

He also added a message for those that see him as proud or arrogant, saying that he has all the right to be so because he had put in a lot of hard work, resilience, and time into boxing, and this has paid off for him in the best way.

He also stated that he is just starting to enjoy his life, since he has worked hard for the better part of it, remaining undefeated throughout his career. “Now, it’s about time to enjoy my retirement with an incredible lifestyle,” he says.

The Jet Pilot

In addition to the pictures, he also shared a video for his followers to fantasize about this milestone achievement of his.

The Air Mayweather has its own personal pilot

The Jet also has a personal pilot who will be in charge of it full time. Mayweather also shared the account of his pilot on Instagram

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