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Read How Charlie Sheen Went from Being a Multimillionaire to Broke in a Sec!

Once Popular, rich and famous Charlie Sheen ended up notorious for his substance abuse, and liquor imbued shenanigans, and now he is regarded as being broke and homeless. He is said to be in debt for more than $86,000 in home loan installments on his Beverly Hills chateau.

The seven-room mansion has been put into pre-dispossession by the home loan moneylender, and Charlie has been trying to sell the $8.5 million house for a considerable length of time. But how did it go from all good to bad for him?

Charlie’s On-Screen Pay

At some point, Charlie Sheen was the most paid on-screen character on TV, with about $1.8 million for every scene of Two and a Half Men he appears on. Obviously, his hijinks with medications, alcohol, womanizing, and online life made him lose such a very high paying gig.

Charlie Sheen is famous for his role in the comedy series “Two and a Half Men”

At first, the producers referred to default on his contract agreement as the reason why he was having his contract terminated. However, being unfit to play out his obligations on Two and a Half Men, confessing to utilizing hard drugs, and making defamatory open remarks about the show, declining to keep taking a shot at the arrangement without changes being made were the reasons for the termination

Charlie’s Media Outburst

Upon his contract termination, he made a media statement saying that he is happy that he is no longer in business with the Sober Valley Lodge and even went as far as making derogatory statements about them

Charlie bragged on air about having a lot of women around him

It was also around this time that he admitted to taking hard drugs, saying that the quantity of drug he once took was probably too much for anybody else to endure and stay alive.

Sheen has also lived an extravagant individual life. And it was said that apart from the money he had to pay his ex-spouses and his fee for his children upkeep, he was steadily paying his girlfriends and buying them houses.

How He Lost His Fortune

At a point, his HIV positive status was unknown to all, and he also had to pay people who knew of it to keep them away from the media. The money he paid for this was said to be millions of dollars.

He was extorted by a lot of people who knew about his health status

Some of his girlfriends that knew about his health status also used it as leverage to milk money out of him. Likewise, his monthly salary dropped from a record-breaking pinnacle of $600,000 to around $167,000. Charlie’s monthly drug costs run to about $25,000.

That is how he went from a net worth of $150 million to being broke and hopeless.

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