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Renowned Actor Ashton Kutcher Donated $4 Million to Ellen DeGeneres!

The Unexpected Good News

Ellen DeGeneres was surprised when the actor stopped by on her set last Wednesday to deliver some unexpected, yet certainly good news. The star asked DeGeneres what she’s been up to, recently. DeGeneres was quite hesitant when she answered she was getting ready for her vacation since she didn’t know why he was asking her out of the blue.

But she continued and said she’s going to Africa to start building a school campus. She’s finding a suitable location where to build her campus to help the mountain gorillas.

Ashton Kutcher surprised Ellen DeGeneres with his gallant gift, and it contained six zeros!

DeGeneres referred to the Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, which was a gift by her wife Portia De Rossi for DeGeneres’ 60th birthday. De Rossi also set the Wildlife Fund, where the campus is included. As if on cue, Kutcher then decided to share his insights on the said funding.

Together with his Hollywood manager Guy Oseary, they explained how they were investing in tech companies such as Ripple and Sound Ventures, a platform that enables transferring of money in a more easy way.

DeGeneres was more than happy to push the button and accepted Kutcher’s huge donation

Extending Help

They were both talking about the ethics of the Ripple company, their platform, and how the management gives a portion of the platform to those people who are doing good deeds and works. It was then that Kutcher thought of DeGeneres. He first learned about her birthday gift and thought that in order to build a campus, DeGeneres would need some help with it. Then he realized he needed to do something about it.

They also noted how DeGeneres had never asked anyone for help. Kutcher added that while Ellen was always thinking about everyone else, there are other people, like Kutcher and Oseary, who think of DeGeneres. That’s why, on behalf of Ripple, they donated $4 million to DeGeneres’ foundation.

Kutcher founded the company Sound Ventures which is in collaboration with Ripple to revolutionize the Bitcoin payments and cryptocurrencies

Endless Gratitude

DeGeneres was too shocked by their surprise that she couldn’t help her eyes from welling up with tears of happiness. Kutcher handed her the phone and told her how people usually come with giant checks to donate to her. But with just one click on the button, Ripple will be able to transfer the funds to DeGeneres’ account and the money will be converted to Rwandan francs automatically. She also said how this was the most amazing thing that happened to her that day. Their generous act of donation simply overwhelmed her.

The Bitcoin Revolution

Kutcher and DeGeneres made the payment through the XRP payment app, emphasizing the cryptocurrency’s ability to facilitate international, cashless transactions. Kutcher first invested in BitPay, an A-grade Investment cryptocurrency payment processor. Meanwhile, Ripple has already donated millions of dollars through the XRP app to various non-profit groups and organizations.

Ripple appeared in Stephen Colbert’s late show where the company donated an astounding $29 million to fund over 35,000 classrooms for the educational project of DonorsChoose. Rippler’s donation was the largest donation the crowdfunding website had ever received. It’s great to see how technology integrates with philanthropic causes to make the world a better place to live. Not only we do enjoy the convenience of technology, but it’s also gratifying to know that our money help the lives of those who need it the most.

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