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Review of Space X Ordered by NASA as Elon’s Behavior Rattles Officials

NASA is gearing up to conduct a safety review of Space X and Boeing, a couple of months after the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, was spotted smoking illegal stuff in one of his podcasts.

Indeed, the review by NASA on the aforementioned companies is poised to kick off in 2019, as per contents of the report.

Additionally, Musk’s behavior did not sit well with a majority of high-level NASA officials, which prompted the agency to scrutinize Space X for a subsequent review.

If that’s not enough, the U.S. Air Force has further begun investigations into Musk smoking marijuana after the incident took place.

While the official report released by NASA focused primarily on Musk’s behavior, Boeing (which happens to be Space X’s competitor within the Commercial Crew Program run by NASA), will also be subjected to a review.

In a press statement, NASA informed the public that it was focusing on safe and secure commercial missions to the International Space Station.

NASA has expressed its discomfort of the video of Musk smoking by requesting a review on Space X

The Birth of Commercial Space Flight

Indeed, in the next couple of months, before the test flights of the Starliner and Crew Dragon, NASA will proceed to conduct an assessment based on cultural particulars while coordinating with affiliated commercial partners to confirm that the companies involved are adhering to all the requirements that have been set out by NASA in terms of workplace safety. With one of them being the adherence to an environment free of drugs.

The Commercial Crew Program run by NASA is part of the agency’s plan to revive the launching of U.S. based astronauts on U.S. soil.

Since the closure of the Space Shuttle program in 2011, American astronauts have been heading to space via the Russian Soyuz, which has been costing NASA a whopping $70 million for every seat.

With the advent of the Commercial Crew program, competition is set to rise, with contracts up to be snatched for Boeing with its Starliner capsules and Boeing with its Dragon Capsules.

That being said, William Gerstenmaier, NASA associate administrator, informed the Post that process of review could turn out to be “pretty invasive.”

The Commercial Crew Program will see the likes of Space X and Boeing battle to be the dominant commercial crew option in months to come

Adherence to Safety and Security

Indeed, the agency will analyze anything and everything that could have a detrimental effect on safety.

Nevertheless, NASA has made plans to interview hundreds of Space X and Boeing employees, regardless of their authority level.

Moreover, Jim Bridenstine, NASA official, has highlighted that the report has expressed confidence in the team under SpaceX.

Additionally, in a press statement, Space X revealed to the public that transporting humans to space was one of the core missions of Musk and his company.

Space X continued to say that there was nothing more important to the company than this endeavor, and they take such a complex responsibility with utmost seriousness.

Moreover, the company says that it has been actively championing a drug-free work environment and they are confident that their workplace programs will foster a 100 percent free drug-free workforce.

That being said, Boeing also emphasized a similar culture in its workplace, informing the press that the company is striving for quality, safety, and integrity at both its production and workplace areas.

Boeing continued with its statement saying that as trusted NASA partners from the start of the human spaceflight program, the company shares similar values to as well as being stern about fostering a legacy of mission success, trust, and openness.

The Crew Dragon flight is poised to make its first launch test in January 2019

Space X About to Launch Its First Demonstration

Indeed, Space X is poised to launch its first demonstration of the Crew Dragon flight with no astronauts on board in January 2019, months before Boeing, which experienced an unprecedented setback with its testing capsule in June this year.

Nevertheless, the earliest time that the Boeing Starliner is poised to fly is sometimes around March, though a government watchdog report is doubtful as to whether this is accurate.

Additionally, a number of delays have caused massive delay since 2014 to the Commercial Crew Program, the first time that NASA awarded multi-billion dollar contracts to Boeing and Space X.

Nevertheless, Musk’s company is right around the corner to finalize its milestone year. Indeed, the race to become the most dominant commercial crew space travel company I heating up, and at the head of the race is Boeing and Space X.



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