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Roxanne Pallett’s Fall From Grace After Celebrity Big Brother Debacle

After learning the ropes during her stint on Emmerdale, it’s safe to say that Roxanne Pallet didn’t envision things panning out as badly as they have in recent times.

Her stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house was quite shortlived, she only stuck around for about 2 weeks before she was given the boot from the show. So poor was her performance on the show that there are some who have gone to great lengths in labelling her as Britain’s top hated celebrity.

Roxanne found herself in trouble after she falsely accused Ryan Thomas of bashing her in the ribs.

She alleged that Thomas punched her as they were enacting a play fight. Later on, she proceeded to label him as a “woman beater”. In turn, Thomas received a formal warning.

While everything seemed to be flowing quite well for Roxanne, things quickly escalated into a PR nightmare. She was compelled to quit the TV show once the facts about the punching incidents came to the limelight.

Her actions were quickly condemned by many TV viewers and celebrity personalities who opined that she was quite frankly a liar. She received more stick from viewers who accused her of mocking real incidents of domestic abuse.


Shortly after her departure from the house on Saturday, a couple of other names showed up to further condemn her reputation. One of her former friends revealed on Twitter that Roxanne had once bullied her while they were in school. She divulged that things got so bad between them that she decided to switch schools in order to keep a level head.

Ryan Thomas has benefited from the drama

Sam Attwater, the famous EastEnders actor, also joined in condemning Roxanne’s actions by divulging that she was quite fond of falsely accusing people of hitter her. Attwater shared that at one point, he had been accused of hitting her.

Having seen her credibility greatly diminish, Roxanne was determined to clear the air by appearing as a featured guest on Jeremy in the morin. Speaking before the public for the first time since she quit, Roxanne admitted having erred a couple of times during her stay in the house. Emma Willis sought further clarification from her on the incident during an episode of CBB.

Money Matters

From a financial perspective, Roxanne’s worth has taken a significant hit. For one, it’s highly unlikely that she’s going to get paid for her contribution to the show. Prior to the incident, she had inked a lucrative deal, projected at £750,000, with Channel 5.

While it’s true that the deal is a great loss to Roxanne, those in the know believe that she’s bound to lose much more since her reputation is tarnished.

Mischa Joslin, a celebrity PR expert by trade, has spoken with about the debacle and shared her views on how much Roxanne is going to lose. According to Mischa, Roxanne’s entry in Celebrity Big Brother was the perfect avenue for her to get people talking about her. In turn, she was hopeful that she would be able to land a couple of major brand endorsement deals.

Mischa made it apparent that Roxanne was probably charging brands about £750 for every branded post through social media. Given the sheer volume of posts Roxanne has on Instagram, it’s easy to see just how much she was living large.

Missed Chance

Incredibly, Mischa pointed out that her involvement in the Celebrity Big Brother show could have further elevated her status and earnings. She stated that she would have enhanced the number of followers and her rate per post.

From a numbers perspective, Mischa projected that Roxanne would probably be earning about £78k per annum through her social media exploits. Instead of playing to the crowd, Roxanne miscalculated and was forced to take down her social media channels after getting trolled by numerous people.

Mischa shared that all Roxanne needed to do was play the sweet girl role, a quality many fashion brands look for in models before bringing them aboard. The celebrity analyst confided that she is certain about what Roxanne’s destiny would have been since she already has the looks and the aura to stand out from the crowd. However, at present, Mischa doesn’t have high hopes in what Roxanne’s future holds since she’s made herself a hated figure in the public.

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