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Televangelist Revealed God Told Him He Needs the 4th Private Jet Plane!

The renowned televangelist Duplantis asked his followers some donations to purchase an astounding $54 million private jet. The plane will be used to spread his gospel around the world. He claimed that God told him he needed the jet to do his mission.

The New Private Jet Plane

Jesse Duplantis, a renowned televangelist with millions of viewers across the globe, shared how God told him he needs a Dassault Falcon 7X plane. This private jet has a 3 engine feature that allows carrying 12-16 passengers on air up to 700 miles per hour. If the televangelist will acquire this plane, this would become the fourth private jet owned by Jesse Duplantis Ministries.

The Falcon 7X costs an astounding $54 million and has a range of almost 6,000 miles

Duplantis also said, according to the video he posted, that while some people believed that preachers like him shouldn’t have luxurious things like jets, he believes that preachers ought to use every available outlet to preach the God’s gospel around the world. In fact, he said that if God was still living on physical Earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey to travel and spread his word. If anything, he’d be riding an airplane from time to time as he preaches.

The Calling

When Duplantis heard God’s voice and told him he needed the plane, he said that it would be one of the greatest statements he ever told him. He first asked Duplantis if he ever wants to go where he is. Duplantis replied what the God means, then he revealed he wants the televangelist to believe in him for a Falcon 7-X. Duplantis replied okay, that he shall follow his will.

However, he also thought of how he was going to pay an astounding amount to acquire the private jet plane? Then, a realization dawned on him when he remembered his previous conversation with God.

Duplantis shared a video link on his Twitter showing the importance of aviation as a vital, instrumental tool for evangelizing the world.

Duplantis shared a video link on his Twitter showing the importance of aviation as a vital, instrumental tool for evangelizing the world

He recalled something God told him last 1978 when he said he didn’t ask Duplantis to pay for it, but he wants him to believe it. It was then that Duplantis’ hesitation vanished, and now, he asks his congregation once again for donations for the said private jet. Of course, he’s also interested to share the liquidation of the fundings raised for transparency.

Transparency and Sincerity

Duplantis revealed that he would love people to know what exactly he’s doing to his ministry. That’s why they’re welcome to access his expenditures when the time comes that he’ll have enough fundraising to buy the private jet.

He said he’s not afraid since he doesn’t have anything to hide at all. He also clarified that this plane isn’t for his own personal interests, or gain. The plane will be registered and owned by the ministry. The next leader who’ll take over his position can use the said private jet even after his death. He reiterated that God instructed him to spread the Gospel to reach every creature.

Last 2015, Duplantis appeared in a video with fellow televangelist Kenneth Copeland defending their necessity for having private jets to conduct their preach

Duplantis said that he certainly couldn’t fulfill God’s command (and he’s not going to live any longer.) if he’ll keep traveling by car, train, or ship. However, he can fulfill his mission faster if he can do it by plane. He also revealed that his mission solely focuses on touching people with God’s words and changing their lives for the better.

He isn’t even interested in how to fly a jet. He said he could have an experienced pilot do that work for him. As of now, he’s only interested in preaching the Gospel of the Lord. And even if he already has three planes owned by his ministry, he didn’t consider them his most-prized possessions. Rather, he considers it as their tools to fulfill their priorities.

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