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Do You Want to Know How Much the Lady of Winterfell is Worth? You’ll be Shocked by the Game of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner’s Net Worth at the age of 23!

Still can’t move on from the Game of Thrones’ finale? To help you cope, let’s talk about Lady Sansa Stark’s personal life outside the Seven Kingdoms. Sophie Turner, at the age of 23, is undeniably living the life of real royalty. At a very young age, the English actress is already earning tons of cash that most of us will probably have to work our whole lives to earn.

Sophie’s Career

Turner was first seen in the 2013 television movie The Thirteenth Tale and made her movie debut in Another Me within the same year. She starred in several other films like Barely Lethal and also X-Men film series. She got her big break in the HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones as Sansa Stark when she was 14 years old.

The Big Break

Sansa Stark is Sophie Turner’s first television role. Thanks to her drama teacher who encouraged her to audition for the role, her net worth is now already higher than the other celebrities who started their career earlier than she did.

Game of Thrones’ surviving Stark siblings Sansa, Arya, and Bran

According to Business Insider’s report, Sophie and her Game of Thrones sister, Maisie Williams made $175,000 per episode. Not bad for the ladies of Winterfell, right? The amount is less compared to other casts’ income like the King of the North, Kit Harington and Khaleesi, Emilia Clarke.

Reports said the two main stars are earning $500,000 per episode, although the Stark sisters aren’t complaining. Sophie explained that the others have bigger storylines and they deserve higher pay.

Sophie Turner also stars as Jean Grey in the X-Men film series

Sophie is More Than Just a Sansa Stark

After all, Game of Thrones isn’t her only income stream. She is also set to play the role of Jean Grey in the upcoming installment of the X-Men movies, Dark Phoenix. They didn’t reveal the X-Men stars’ income for privacy purposes. But based on the rumored budget of $200 million for the film, we are pretty much sure Sophie is collecting tons of cash from it too.

Now, that’s not where it ends. Sophie is also one of the sophisticated brand Louis Vuitton’s faces. She does commercials and social media endorsement for the luxurious fashion company. On the recent Met Gala, Sophie Turner and husband Joe Jonas were seen wearing a matching LV pantsuit. Considering the brand’s reputation, we are assuming the amount Sophie makes could buy her own Iron Throne.

Sophie Can Buy Her Own Iron Throne

Lady Sansa might still have a lot of fortune that we don’t know of, but overall Celebrity Net Worth said, she is currently worth $6 million. And with her recent marriage with the singer Joe Jonas, the couple’s combined net worth is more than $30 million.

Who needs to fight for the Iron Throne when you can buy yourself your own?

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