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Celeb Kids Who Look Nothing Like Their Parents, Good Thing Gene Tests Are So Cheap Nowadays!

People have an innate desire to reproduce and have children. Some devote their lives to their children, for others, it’s more a need to pass on their genetic material and watch a version of themselves in the world. Regardless of the reason, however, there are times when a child simply does not look anything like the parent. Despite how they might appear on the big screen, celebrities are not immune to this problem. In some extreme cases, a paternity test or some DNA test just might be in order to ensure that the celebrity is raising his own flesh and blood! (we’re exaggerating of course). Well, on that loving note, we’re going to look through some celebrities who look absolutely nothing like their offsprings.

Haven Garner Warren & Jessica Alba

We’re not taking anything away from Jessica Alba because she is a fantastic parent. However; she looks absolutely nothing like her daughter, Haven Garner Warren. The stunning actress, who is best known for starring in Sin City and Fantastic Four looks incredible (perhaps with the help of a fitness trainer?). Her daughter has bright red hair and doesn’t really boast the same facial features as her mother. That being said, as she grows up, we’re sure she’ll more than likely begin to show more characteristics of the beautiful Alba.

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