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Your Favorite Stars, Who Died In A Ripe Old Age And Who Went Before His Time? This Is Why Your Health Insurance Should Include Routine Medical Check Ups

Death and taxes: it’s said that these are the only two certainties in life. And celebrities, even though they’re given an elevated status in our media-obsessed culture, can’t dodge either one. Raising deep, existential questions, celebrity deaths tend to be episodes of national introspection; this has especially been the case as successive generations grow up entirely immersed in celebrity culture. Let’s take a look at 33 celebrities, both rich and poor when they died, whose deaths made celebrity news – and in some cases, whose deaths are still talked about.

Marlon Brando – 80 – Respiratory Failure

Marlon Brando has been called the greatest actor of his generation. He shot to fame with the release of the gritty drama On the Waterfront in 1954 and later on appeared in controversial, avant-garde movies like Last Tango in Paris. Brando, who fathered 11 children, spent much of his later years away from Hollywood on the private Tahitian island property he purchased in 1967. He died at age 80 in 2004, reportedly leaving behind an estate worth $21.6 million.

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