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Your Favorite Stars, Who Died In A Ripe Old Age And Who Went Before His Time? This Is Why Your Health Insurance Is Important

Death and taxes: it’s said that these are the only two certainties in life. And celebrities, even though they’re given an elevated status in our media-obsessed culture, can’t dodge either one. Raising deep, existential questions, celebrity deaths tend to be episodes of national introspection; this has especially been the case as successive generations grow up entirely immersed in celebrity culture. Let’s take a look at 33 celebrities, both rich and poor when they died, whose deaths made celebrity news – and in some cases, whose deaths are still talked about.

Audrey Hepburn – 63 – Appendiceal cancer


Audrey’s life story is truly remarkable, after her parents divorced she moved to Holland and witnessed the Nazis’ cruelty there. She was Jewish and saw her uncle get shot by the Nazis and her family’s property seized. She performed ballet secretly in order to raise money for the resistance. She was malnourished and that led to Anemia. The war ended but her illness made it difficult for her to dance so she became an actress. After a few small roles she starred in the movie Roman Holiday and won an Oscar for it. She also won an Emmy, a Tony and a Grammy in her career. She became a fashion icon after her performance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. When she was 60 she retired from acting and became a U.N ambassador and a humanitarian. She died of cancer aged 63 and could have been 89 today.

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