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How to Build Credit?

Do you know that there are ways credit can be built? We are going to talk about five ways and these are as follow:

1. Through credit card

You can apply for a secured credit card if you want to build your credit reputation. This car functions like any other credit card out there. You can purchase goods with it and pay on that day or before the due date. In case you do not have the full payment, interest will definitely be charged. Your collateral is your cash deposit and you will collect it back when you close your account.

This credit add is meant to be used for some period of time and its main function is to build your credit enough to be eligible for an unsecured card, a card without collateral,  and this comes with better benefits. You can make use of this secured card that has low annual purchase fee and reports to all these three credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian, and the TransUnion. The NerdWallet always review and rank this secured credit card.

2.Have a Credit- Builder Loan

The next one is to apply for a credit builder loan which is to help you build your credit. Basically, when you apply for this loan, the money is not given but kept in an account, the lender’s account, until your loan is paid off. The credit bureaus note your payment and save it up for you. Community banks or Credit Unions are those that give out this kind of loans. But I’m happy to tell you that there is someone that gives loan online too, in case you are too busy to go to banks.

3. Co- signature

You can also get your loan or unsecured credit card through a co-signer. Just take note that the co-signer is at high risk when you decide not to pay up.

4. Partner with a credit card holder person

You can also be an authorized user of someone else’s credit card which can be your family member, a close friend or someone that can give you the permission to make use of his/her card. The benefit of this is that you have access to the card and can build your credit history through that. The limitation to this is that you can not pay for your charges legally. Also, try to investigate if the owner of the card has given you the ability to be an authorized user because the activity is reported to the credit bureaus. If not, you might jeopardize your effort.

Another thing is that both of you should come to conclusion on how to make use of the card before he or she authorizes you if he or she wants to collect some shares.

5. Get credit for the rent you pay

Rental Kharma and RentTrack can also help you build your reputation on time payment by putting your already paid or paying bills on your credit report and this is called Rent-reporting services. Not all do this but some surely do and this can be enough to collect a credit card or loan.

6.Build good habits

You need to build your habit because it can create your score and this can take time, like up to 6 months of on-time payment. The following tips can help you build a good reputation.

  1. A hundred percent perpetual payment of bills, with both your credit account and other accounts
  2. Reduce your credit utilization. Always pay in full and do not exceed thirty percent in case you carry over some bills.
  3. Do not open a different new account at once because it reduces your credit reputation.
  4. Make sure your account is kept open for a long time. Make sure it is actively opened in case you need it for payment and credit utilization.

Lastly, always check your credit score and how you have used your credit in the past, and you can do that by;

  1. Checking some personal finance websites like NerdWallet which gives credit scores.
  2. Checking for sites that offer free credit report information and educational tools like credit score simulator.
  3. Looking for card issuers that offer free scores to anyone like Discover on Credit and VantageScore on its website, credit-wise.

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