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Check Out The Huge Amount Chris Martin Spent to Expand His Real Estate Holdings in Malibu

The Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who formed the chart-topping rock band, has reportedly bought a fabulous beach home in Malibu. His 1,816sqft home is situated at a prominent regional area and sits on closely half an acre of land.

The house, which was originally constructed in 1960, is said to have been ideated architecturally by an unknown but relatively skilled designer based on the associated marketing materials. The house was merely designed to give off an extremely simple but stylish and beachy aura. Reports also had it that this was neither the first nor second property that Chris owned in the residence.

Chris Martin buys Malibu Beach House for $5.475M

His Home Poses an Elegant Interior

The Moderately sized three-bedroom, three- bathroom house may appear fairly large in physical size, but its elegant, airy, and serene vibe gives it good enough reasons to be defined as a splendid abode.

Its very entrance leads to a section constituted by the living room and dining room, accompanied with high ceilings, skylights, and radiant-heated, strong and durable floorboards. The dining area features a nice collection of lights that are suspended over the room. The living room also features an entire wall of glass sliders that tuck away into the wall and provide sufficient space so that it flows between inside and out.

This is the Coldplay frontman’s fourth building property in the area

Sophisticated Touch to The Property

It has a cozy open area at its entrance as well, which is separated from the kitchen by a high wooden divider that approaches closely from the floor towards the ceiling. The Kitchen is facilitated with designer appliances including a wine refrigerator that is discreetly positioned close to a wall with in-built storage cabinets.

The radiant-heated ground that is covered with hard material in the house, offer a path to a green backyard that consists of a koi pond. On the way out of the house are an unassuming front door and a sliding gate which equally keep the house secure.

The master room in the house is comprised of a large bedroom with glass sliding walls which provides a way to the backyard too. Leading to the master bathroom is a huge sliding door that is characterized as an ultramodern bathtub. Elsewhere in the home is another bathroom that features a unique art & craft wallpaper and a large window that frames the mirror just over the basin which all enhance the feeling of experiencing a homely environment both indoor and outdoor.

Recent Property Engagements in Malibu

Asides from the recently purchased beach out, some of the other building amenities that is owned by Chris Martin include a home worth $14 million that he and Gwyneth Paltrow (ex-wife) had selected as their abode in 2014, a $4.45 million professional theatre of a vast 6.5-acre land property, and a ranch house purchased at $3.7 million just this previous year at the Malibu Park neighbourhood.

After the recent violent attack in Malibu last year, Chris urged officials at the county board meeting to help those whose homes were damaged

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