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Why DIY Tasks Become Super Dangerous When You Forget the Following Particulars!

Let’s face it. We all love to Do it Yourself around the house. It doesn’t matter whether it’s simply changing a light bulb, to fixing a new cabinet in the kitchen. There’s nothing that gives one a greater feeling of satisfaction than having done it yourself.

The only problem is that most people handle such complex work without adhering to certain rules or having the right equipment on to protect ourselves from the effects of the work that we are doing.

For starters, did you wear gloves, look for hearing protection, put on safety glasses, or even wear a mask?

The truth of the matter is that it’s normally the last thing on one’s mind when they are handling all the handy work in the house.

Most people think that they can easily execute all these tasks, all the while forgetting the numerous dangers that are accompanied with DIY.

With this in mind, here are some of the realest dangers that are associated with DIY tasks.

Poor Ventilation

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when undertaking DIY task is that they forget to properly ventilate the room that they are working in. Indeed, not only does this expose their lungs to plenty of dust, but also toxic gases and airborne substances that could be lurking in the cracks and crevices of their homes.

That being said, one can first improve room ventilation before working by first vacuuming out the dust, and letting it settle in other areas of the house.

Additionally, you can use a breathing mask not to expose your nose, mouth, and lungs to the harmful airbone substances.

Poor ventilation can lead to a myriad of respiratory problems

Failing to Protect One’s Ears

As you know, the ears are extremely sensitive and highly susceptible to damage when exposed to loud noises. Which is the case when one is working with power tools when repairing their home.

Indeed, the use of power tools over a long period of time can and will affect your hearing.

Hence, as a precaution, ensure to use foam ear plugs, or even over-the-head earphones to protect your ears from constant loud-sound exposure.

Watch out for Your Hair

If you ever want to feel the most excruciating pain in the world, then make the mistake of leaving your hair open when working with power tools.

That being said, ensure to keep long hair, or jewelry a distance from such power tools. In fact, you should either tie your hair in a bun or opt to get a hat that ensures there is no hair exposed.

Accidents are common and lead to injuries in DIY housework

Keep Away from Your Phone When Working

It might be tempting to use your phone to take a snap of yourself when working on your latest project. However, doing this is actually a recipe for disaster. That’s because when using your phone, your focus loses and you can actually end up hurting yourself, especially if you are using power tools.

Hence, as a rule of thumb, keep away from your phone always when using power tools and fight the temptation to take a selfie when doing so.

Ensure to stay away from your phone when using power tools

Handling Tools in Clothing Not Suited for the Task

Another major issue is that most people work without having the right clothing equipment to do so. Instead of purchasing an overall and gloves when handling power tools, some people work with their regular clothes, and in some cases, even their pajamas!

The problem with using such clothing is that when accidents happen, these tools can cause these individuals a lot of pain as a result of exposed flesh being torn by the tools used in the DIY process.

Believing That All Gloves Are Created Equal

Another issue that most people believe is that all gloves are created equal. The truth of the matter is that some gloves are more durable than others, and hence, can be used for different purposes.

Indeed, there are stains and paints, such as the latex paint, that have solvents in them, so it’s best to use  gloves designed to handle these paints and ensure that they do not make a mess when you are handling a certain task.

Last but not least, when handling power tools, there are certain gloves designed to ensure that you do so with the utmost of care.


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