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Golden Age Stars Who Have Died & Left A Humongous Fortune

While the internet is abuzz with the richest actors and actresses year after year after year, don’t you ever wonder about the famous stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age? Some of them are now living in nursing and retirement homes, whereas others have passed away. Celebrities like Greta Garbo and Cary Grant were phenomenal during their era, and the salaries they commanded at the height of their careers were nothing short of kingly. Although the rankings vary eafch year, one thing stays the same. Their names will always echo in the Hall of Fame with the richest and highest paid actors. But what happened to their vast fortunes and how much did their loved ones inherit after their passing? Come with us as we take a look at our favorite Hollywood’s Golden Age stars and the legacy they left behind.

Greta Garbo, Died at 84 – $50 million

Swedish-born American actress Greta Garbo received an Academy Honorary Award and was nominated three times for the Academy Award for Best Actress. It was in 1922 when Garbo accepted a part in a short comedy, Peter the Tramp. She also appeared in TorrentThe Temptress, and Anna Christine. It was her appearance in Grand Hotel that finally earned her the Oscar for Best Picture. Resources say that her portfolio consisted of many lucrative investments, including a fine real estate property in Beverly Hills and a large portion of Rodeo Drive. Hollywood’s elusive star, who gave us some of the most memorable performances in romantic films of the 1930s died at the age of 84 at New York Hospital.

Cary Grant, Died at 82 – $60 million

Known as one of Hollywood’s classic leading men, Cary Grant’s career started in the early 1930s. Born in England, he was best known for his transatlantic accent and ravishingly good looks. Throughout his career Grant was nominated for five Golden Globes and two Academy Awards. In 1970, he received the Honorary Oscar given by none other than Frank Sinatra! Some of his most famous work includes the movies Penny SerenadeThe Philadelphia Story and North by Northwest. Grant suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage during his tour in November 1986 and was sadly beyond the help of his elder care physician.

Burt Lancaster, Died at 80 – $40 million

An American producer and actor, Burt Lancaster was first known for playing “tough guys.” He won a Golden Globe for his performance in Elmer Gantry, and also won BAFTA Awards for Atlantic City and The Birdman of Alcatraz. Throughout his career, he appeared in over 70 movies, such as Desert Fury. However, his acting career ended when he suffered a stroke, leaving half of his body paralyzed. One of his largest paydays came from Airport since he owned 10 percent of the film’s earnings. Not a bad investment to trust in one’s own talent if you ask us…

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