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A Peek Into the Artsy Home of Zoe Henry and Jeff Hordley

Hordley and Henry’s Abode

Fans recently got a good glimpse of the countryside home belonging to Jeff Hordley and his wife, Zoe Henry which is located in Yorkshire Dales. It may come as a surprise to us that 49-year-old Jeff and 45-year-old Zoe are actually together in real life. The couple has two children, 14-year-old Violet and 10-year-old Stan.

Often times, both of them take to their respective social media pages to share photos from their apartment. In addition, it comes in a Tudor theme, plus a brightly-colored decor.

The abode has different splashes of color, its living room has green walls and comfortable looking blankets and cushions in several shades.

Two tapestries of some British monarchs adorn the wall of their bedroom, and the warmth of the decor is further increased by the dangled fairy lights surrounding the tapestries.

The couple has British Monarchs tapestries adorning their bedroom walls

In Love with Bright Colors

Their kitchen also boasts of this colorful theme as their oven comes in a bright blue color which stands out in a kitchen that has cream countertops. To further compliment the modern theme of the kitchen, its white walls are decorated with blue hexagonal prints. The pans and pots also come in baby blue color.

The kitchen has a modern theme that’s a colorful blend of blue and cream colors

Zoe is meticulously organized and a peek into her food cupboard confirms that. The cupboard shows off labelled preserves and jams which are all made from the scratch. She takes to her social media accounts to regularly share pictures where she’s seen cooking. On his end, Jeff is always seen proudly posing with the food he has grown.

They both love to make healthy meals from scratch, and that’s primarily to help in managing Jeff’s disease. They love to farm, and both have a huge allotment for all the food items they produce.

In a recent interview, Zoe confirmed that there was an allotment. She mentioned that having one’s hands in the soil is actually therapeutic.  She said they are very mindful of what they consume and their devotion to watching their diet goes beyond the fact that they are constantly on T.V.  Zoe said it’s actually more about their overall well-being. With their teenage children, they have a pooch, and the pet has appeared a number of times in their pictures.

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