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The Price Crystal Harris Decided to Sell Her Mansion for, will Blow Your Mind!

Wife of deceased Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris, has decided to let go of one of the last memories of the couple, their mansion in Hollywood Hills.

The mansion is a perfect home dream, and according to real estate gurus Hohnen and associates, the house is a perfect architectural masterpiece of the 21st century.  The location of the home is a perfect view for its owner, and this just adds to the amazing features of the mansion.

Features Of The Mansion

Some of the features include an endless swimming pool, a theater room and also a room that is specially made for games with a large size. The room is one made with the intention to have fun, with all sorts of entertainment, that you can think of, available. At the back of the house is also an oasis that surrounds the endless pool in view.

The Mansion has a lot of amazing features that the new owner will benefit from

The mansion was one of the Playboy mansion during the lifetime of Hugh Hefner, and as a matter of fact, it was originally owned by Playboy enterprise but was later purchased by Heffner for his wife four years ago, so that in the event of his death, she would have somewhere to live in.

The Worth Of The Mansion

Hefner was said to have purchased the house for $5 million and put the property in him and his wife’s name. This makes her sole owner of the house after his death.

Crystal Harris, unfortunately, had to settle for $5 million on the house, the same amount Hefner purchased it

The house, which was initially put on sale for about $7 million was later brought down to the price of $5 million when Crystal Harris was not receiving a lot of offer for it, and she eventually had to sell it off at $5 million.

The Man Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner who was the founder of the Playboy magazine, that made its name for revelations about obscenity, as well as it’s very sensitive articles. He married Crystal Harris in 2012, a year before he purchased the house, and they remained in union till 2017 when he died at the age of 91.

Hefner and Crystal were married for a period of 5 years, between 2012 and 2017

Hefner made a lot of money when he made the playboy brand more than just the magazine that it was by founding night clubs and purchasing a mansion for the playboy lifestyles which included wild partying.

The playboy mansion was however put on the market a year before Hefner died, and was purchased by a private equity group for $200 million giving a condition that the Hefner must still remain and work in the mansion.

In September 2017, Hefner was reported dead in his home in Los Angeles. He was said to have died as a result of an E. coli infection.

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