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The Security Measures Taken In Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Mansion Will Amaze You

The features of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s mansion has been revealed by a lifestyle journalist, who visited the mansion and was taken around for a tour.

The Mansion’s Security Measures

As expected, the couple lives a somewhat royal life in their exquisite mansion, but more surprising is how security-conscious they are. They are said to have a security station for their garage alone, and it is manned for 24 hours through 7 days a week.

The garage has a security pod that is manned 24/7

The mansion is located in California and said to worth about $60 million. Upon entering, the security is described as one that can only be rivaled by the white house. Apart from the Security pod in the garage, there is a shelve attached to the wall that contains Yeezy sneakers, Kanye West’s famous shoe production in collaboration with Adidas.

However, the level of security is expected after the robbery experience Kim had to go through a couple of years ago in Paris. After that incident, the couple made a lot of security changes in their home and lifestyle including employing guards for every member of the family.

According to a close source, after the robbery incident in Paris, Kim never leaves the mansion without security guards, and most members of the family as well.

Features of The Mansion

The home has also some amazing features, like two breathtaking kitchens, one which is the staff kitchen and the other, the show kitchen. The family makes use of the staff kitchen most of the time, while the show kitchen is used only for entertaining guests. The show kitchen is relatively large and can entertain as many as 20 people at a time.

Kim explains that she is a very gentle sleeper, while Kanye scatters the sheets when he sleeps

The bedroom is also another amazing place in the mansion, with the size of the room likened to that of a jet hanger. The attached restroom is also huge, and the shower is big enough for as many people as a basketball squad.

Talking about the family, Kim, 38, explains that Kanye West is a wild sleeper and whenever he sleeps, the bed sheets are always scattered all over the place. Compared to herself, she claims she is a very quiet sleeper, and getting in bed is one of her most favorite parts of the day.

Aside from the attached restroom, there are also attached rooms to the bedrooms, one for her clothes, and the other for bags and shoes. There is also the dressing room that she shares its picture most times on her Instagram page.

Inspiration for The Designs

When asked who came about the design and features of the home, she explained that most of the designs were inspired by Axel Vevvordt who is a Belgian interior designer, and her husband, Kanye, had a lot of influence in the home design as well.

Some of the interior design ideas were inspired by Kanye West

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