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See Shakira’s Exquisite Miami Mansion and Why She is Looking to Sell It

Popular music star Shakira has put her Miami mansion up for sale. She is looking to cash out big on the massive edifice.

The house, being in Miami, means that it will command a lot of figures, and that is just a little factor to be considered. This is because of the amazing features of the house. By the way, she is requesting a whopping $11.64 for the house.

Shakira’s beach house

The music star famously known for a 2010 world cup themed music was said to have purchased the property in 2001 and added touches to make it look her taste. She invested a lot in improving the mansion, more reason for the huge asking price.

Features Of The House

Some of the improvements and furnishing she did includes getting top brands of wooden floors, which she imported all the way from Spain. She also changed all the furniture to more befitting and customized ones, also, she improved the home lightning and created a recreational room for workouts and exercises.

Known for her massive taste in fashion, Shakira also renovated the kitchen making it look more like a 21st century with the clean and sparkling white cabinets.

Shakira is known for her great taste in fashion made sure that the mansion was well designed to match her demands, she even went as far as importing some of the furnishing materials for the mansion.

The mansion is a six bedroom apartments, with a huge courtyard that reeks a nature-like atmosphere where palm trees and natural green grasses are present.

Inside the house is a different work of art on its own, with the latest kind of interior décor you can ever think of, as well as the Venetians plaster present on the walls.

Is The Mansion Really Worth The Asking Price?

The home is also befitting for someone who fancies a view, with the amazing Miami Panoramas visible from all of the rooms in the house. And obviously, there is a very large pool just at the back of the house where you can enjoy swimming.

Shakira has been with Barcelona football star Gerard Pique since after the world cup in 2011, and she already has 2 children with him. Together they stay in a mansion in Barcelona, Spain.

The house is located in one of the liveliest places to live in Miami, the North Bay Road Drive. And the sparse of land is more than 9000 square feet, which is very rare for houses around that location.

With the features of the house, its location, as well as the reputation of the owner, it is fair to say that the asking price of just a little above $11 million is quite fair.

Why Shakira Is Putting The House Up For Sale

Shakira is known to spend most of her time in Barcelona with her football star partner Gerard Piqué whom she has two children with, the couple has been together since 2011. She is rarely at the Miami mansion.

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