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Tracy Morgan’s Stylish Mansion is One You’d Definitely Love to Have

Celebrities are always seen purchasing properties and paying for new homes from time to time. But there is something about this Tracy Morgan’s mansion that makes it really special.

Features of the Mansion

The mansion was built and designed to fit his lifestyle and that of his family perfectly. Just last week, the beautiful features of the mansion were revealed by a lifestyle magazine with Tracy and his family, which consists of his wife and daughter, giving a tour of the home.

The first floors of the home are well spacious for hosting any party or get together. And it can hold a decent crowd for this purpose. Also, Tracy’s wife Meghan explained that when they were surveying the property in 2015, it was the alley at the bottom floor that first caught Tracy’s fancy eye even before any feature of the home.

The ensuring area to this part of the mansion consists of an area where there’s a fully equipped pool table and an aquarium that Tracy is very obsessed with. In the aquarium are two alligators and a fish, all capable of breathing water and air.

The aquarium also has a catfish in it, and all of them are separated by a jar. It doesn’t end there, with a tank of about 20,000 gallons at the back of the mansion. The tank is said to house about 8 different breeds of sharks.

The Aquarium is one of Tracy’s most prized asset

As an actor, it is obvious that Tracy will have a connection to Hollywood in his home. As a matter of fact, he has a full 3d painting of old school Hollywood faces from the ground level to the ceiling.

The Home Theater

The house also has an exquisite home theatre region, and rightly so, for the house of highly rated Hollywood actor. The projector in the home theatre is as large as in other cinemas with cotton candy and popcorn machines at the side. An interesting feature of the home theatre is the fact that there are inbuilt speakers in the seats, and as Tracy Morgan explained, you do not just hear the sounds, you feel it.

The home theatre is exquisitely furnished with all the necessary features of a cinema

A Basketball Court

There is also a mini basketball court built in one of the spaces available with 3d arts of both past and present basketballers plastered all over the walls ceilings and floor. But it is obvious that Tracy will have to play there alone being the only male in the family, with his wife,32, and daughter, 5 seemingly disinterested.

Tracy Morgan is a big fan of basketball

Tracy’s love for the sport is made obvious with the basketball space.

Tracy also took the entourage to the large sparse of land outside where he and his family relax on a lazy day. That concluded the tour of his 22 ft. square mansion built to taste.

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