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You’ll Be Jealous to See How Beautiful and Peaceful Nicole Kidman’s Farmhouse in Australia Really Is

Isn’t it nice to take a break from the big city and come home to your county-vibe farmhouse?

The Australian actress Nicole Kidman has that privilege. Way back in 2008, she acquired the property for $6.5 million located in Bunya Hill, Sutton Forest, Australia. Vogue was lucky enough to take a tour into Kidman’s 45-hectare, multi-million farmhouse to film an episode for 73 Questions.

Nicole Kidman welcomes the set of 73 Questions in her porch

The Tour

The house was built in 1878 and still maintains the original traditional appeal of it. Nicole welcomed the 73 Questions on her widely-looking elegant porch. They went in the billiard room where she revealed being a pool shark outside the silver screen. She continued answering questions in the enormous library. The library has wooden bookshelves, giving it exquisite feels.

She then led the interviewer to the family room and sat down for more queries. Nicole admitted that she loved country music even before meeting her husband, Keith Urban. Speaking of country, Nicole proudly told the interviewer that her six alpacas are one of the main attractions in her property. The living room has a lighter color scheme compared to the other areas of the house.

She gave a quick tour though the kitchen before showing the outside part of the farmhouse. There are a huge eight-seater wooden table and a cozy chimney in Nicole’s kitchen. There is also a small play area near the kitchen for their two children to spend their free time.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have two kids together

Nicole Kidman’s Personal Favorite

One of her favorite places is the tiny cottage at the back of their house. The interviewer asked her who she will invite over to have coffee with her. Kidman said, she would like to have a sip with Eleonor Roosevelt and Keith will be her favorite guest that she’ll invite over and over again.

And as promised, she showed 73 Questions her six alpacas. The alpacas surprised her with eggs lying in the nest. Nicole couldn’t hide how happy her farmhouse made her feel. She said she always finds serenity whenever she comes home in Australia.

Nicole Kidman proudly shows the different areas of her farmhouse

Simplicity and Serenity

Despite the fact that the property costs millions of dollars, Nicole makes sure to keep the area as simple as possible. She wants it to be a relaxing place where she can enjoy and spend time with nature and her family. She never focuses on buying expensive furniture and decorations for the house.

Aside from her six alpacas, her home is also the homeland of Black Angus cows. The beauty of green land, fresh air, and animals is what cought Nicole Kidman’s heart into buying the estate.

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