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Safety First: US Taxpayers Just Paid $73,000 to Fund Trump Brothers’ Dubai Trip!

The Presidential family is under fire once again when the public lamented Trump son’s last week’s Dubai trip that costed around $73,000 to fund its security. The purchase orders revealed the United States Secret Service agents used the said funding to check-in at hotels close to Trump’s properties and hired a car service for the entire duration of the trip.

A Family Business?

Donald Jr. and Eric traveled to Dubai to visit the Trump Organization’s Middle East branch with business partner Hussain Sajwani. Their father agreed to develop two golf courses with Sajwani namely the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai and the ongoing construction of Trump World Golf Club Dubai, designed by Tiger Woods.

Sajwani invited the brothers (who currently manage the business organization) to see the current updates and status of the said project. They were also seen during the opening of the first golf course last February 2017, in which the Secret Service spent an astounding $16,000 for the said trip.

Trump’s son went on a Dubai trip from March 26-April 8, 2018.

Aside from that, the Trump sons attended Sajwani’s daughter’s wedding. Sajwani tweeted a picture of the Trump sons celebrating a “very special” occasion in his family’s life. Aside from meeting Sajwani, the brothers parted ways when Donald Jr. had to travel to India, while Eric went on a business trip to Uruguay that costed another $100,000 to enforce security details and cover their accommodation, hotel bills, and other expenses.

Trump Family’s Frequent Trips

Sajwani has been engaging in business with the US President since 2005 after they successfully built the twin Trump Towers a decade ago

It seems the Trump brothers aren’t the only family members known to rack up their vacation costs. Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner also took the organization’s aircraft for a getaway and skiing trip with extended Kushner family in Wyoming.

The local mayor of the state was also invited to board for the get away. Prior to that, the extended Trump family also took a family vacation during last year’s Spring break to Aspen, Colorado, which costed the US taxpayers more than $300,000 for their security fund. Suffice to say that the Presidential family frequently goes on personal or business trips not related to government work while spending the taxpayer’s money.

Special Services Declined to Comment on the Issue

Several media sources tried asking the Special Services‘ comments about the issue. However, they only replied to CBS News’ email stating that they conducted a protective operation in the UAE. As an SOP, they do not comment on the specifics of their protectee’s trips as this information is confidential. The Trump Organization also refused to comment on the family’s frequent trips.

Unnecessary Expenses

Meanwhile, the Americans expressed on Twitter and other social media platforms their outrage at the Trump family for spending the people’s money carelessly. While they understand that the First Family gains some perks to accessing people’s funds, it should be unintended for personal or leisure purposes.

Those thousands of dollars spent for a family or business trips should be given to budget for healthcare and government programs to improve American lives and well-being.

The Trumps would leave a lasting (and good) impression if they redirected those funds to humanitarian work or helping the people who need the government’s assistance. They reiterate that tax-funded security details should only be used when they travel for government work.

The Emirati billionaire Sajwani is hailed as the “Donald Trump of Dubai”

Furthermore, they find the Trump-Sajwani tandem as peculiar since Trump is known to make controversial policies and statements against Muslims. However, his business partner was quick to defend stating the President is not discriminative.

According to him, Trump just wants to bring back America’s glory by implementing the America First policy. He only wants to defend his country from terrorism. Hence, he’s implementing stricter regulations against Immigrants.

Just The Beginning

No matter with which side you choose to be on this matter, we can all agree this isn’t the end of Trump family member’s personal trips. As long as their father still heads the office, the taxpayers will have to shoulder paying thousands of dollars for his family’s travel expenses.

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