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The Ten Best Cities You Can Consider to Live in After Retirement

1. Los Angeles, Calif.

If you’re looking to enjoy great cuisine and sunny days, L.A. is the best place. While the city does not stacks up well in the affordability category, but it makes up for the quality of life, ranking second among 150 cities analyzed.

This high quality of life goes so well along with various abundant activities that Los Angelenos have been chosen on ranks 12th in the activities sub-ranking. Los Angeles is also known for having the most recreational and senior center per capita and ranks 36th in healthcare sub category.

2. Minneapolis, Minn.

Minneapolis comes in the 9th position on the list of best places after retirement. Minneapolis’s activities place it fifth out of 150 cities, and health care ranks second overall.

Like Los Angeles, Minneapolis also ranks low in the affordability and falls 76th rank on the quality of life. The “WalletHub” quality of life ranking factors in variables like public transit, weather, environmental quality, crime rates, and age demographics.

3. Atlanta, Ga.

Atlanta falls on the eighth rank on the list of best places to live after retirement. There’s so much to do in Atlanta: It is known for having the most museums, and in activities sub category, it ranks third out of 150.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranks it on 51st position in health care. And for affordability, the city comes in 52nd rank.

Atlanta ranks low in the quality of life (120th) and ranks 14th for highest crime rate in the U.S.

4. Cape Coral, Fla.

Cape Coral is the 7th best city for retired people. You will b note alone in retiring here as Cape Coral has the 3rd highest percentage of residents who fall in the age group of 65 and older.

Situated on Florida’s western coast it ranks seventeenth in affordability, twenty fourth in health care and sixtieth in activities.

5. Las Vegas, Nev.

If you’re fond of gambling, then you’re quite lucky. Las Vegas sits in 6th place on the list of best places for retirement.

Las Vegas offers a lot of options for entertainment and recreation, ranking thirteenth in the activity sub category. Though it may seem as Sin City and expensive to live, but it ranks high -21st out of 150 for affordability.

6. Sioux Falls, S.D.

Sioux Falls falls 5th on the list of best cities to retire. It ranks 1st for health care services among 150 American cities, and it has the 4th highest percentage of residents whose age is 65 or older.

The city comes in the nineteenth rank for affordability, so you have to do after retirement savings.

7. Miami, Fla.

Miami comes 4th on the best retirement places list. It ranks best in the activities sub category, ranking 2nd out of 150 places analyzed, and it’s known for having the most fishing facilities.

The Magic City is also an ideal place to retire because of health care resources( rank 21st).

8. Scottsdale, Ariz.

If you are looking for beautiful sunny days throughout the year, then Scottsdale is the best place for you. It ranks 3rd on the list of best cities for retirement and has the highest percentage of people whose age is 65 and older.

Scottsdale has the 4th highest quality of life, and also ranks 4th  in Wallet Hub’s best mild weather rank.

Scottsdale offers its residents so much to do, ranking sixteenth in activities. It also ranks high in healthcare 17th rank and is the 58th most affordable place for retirees.

9. Tampa, Fla.

The top two retirement places in Florida and Tampa are the runner-up. It’s the 3rd most affordable place for retirees.

Tampa ranks eighteenth in the “quality of life” sub category and ranks 17th in activities. Like Miami on Florida’s reverse coast, Tampa is known for having the most fishing facility.

In health care, it ranks seventy-two out of 150 places.

10. Orlando, Fla.

Orlando ranks in the “first position” on the list of best places for retirees and also ranks best on the list of best cities for the pet owners. You can enjoy rest of your life with peace and tranquility.

The resort town comes in 6th place in the activities sub-ranking. It ranks 7th for affordability and 11th for health care. Orlando has the seventy-third rank for highest quality of life out of 150 mega U.S. cities.

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