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Here Are The Best Countries to Retire

Looking for the best place to retire has been a tedious and overwhelming task for our retirees. For one, they want to determine if the ideal place they have in mind offers great privileges to the retirees like tax exemptions and comprehensive healthcare.

Aside from that, the retirees want to know the place’s cost of living, if it’s affordable or expensive for them. If you’re one of these challenged retirees, here are the top best countries to retire according to the experts.

The Survey

Just this week, the Natixis Investment Managers released its annual rankings of the best countries to retire based on their finances, healthcare, material well-being, and quality of life.

According to the rankings, the US only managed to land on number 16 spot out of 43 countries

The United States’ latest ranking was a modest improvement compared to Ireland, which increased its ranking to debut in the Top 10 list for the first time. Canada also increased its ranking to resume its spot at number 9. According to the Executive Vice President Ed Farrington, the top 10 countries have three things in common namely:

  1. Low levels of income inequality
  2. Strong social Programs
  3. Universal and Comprehensive Healthcare.

When asked as to why the United States didn’t rank well, Farrington says it’s because of the widening income gap in other areas, the impending high healthcare costs and the challenges to secure a comfortable retirement.

Despite these challenges, Farrington says the US still managed to bump its ranking on the list due to its financial strength, improvements in the job market, and in tackling environmental issues like improving air quality. Here are the top best countries to retire according to the list.


The Netherlands landed on the tenth spot with a Global Retirement Index score of 76%. According to the UNICEF report, the Netherlands is not only a perfect place for older people to retire, but it’s also a perfect place to live for children because of its comprehensive yet affordable healthcare and education system.

According to the report, the Dutch children were the happiest children in the world. Hailed as the home for prestigious organizations in the world like the International Criminal Court, the Netherlands implements an exceptional education system which makes most of its students excel in universities and their respective fields.


Denmark acknowledges mental health as a vital part of improving our overall well-being, so treatments and facilities are available if one is diagnosed with mental illness.

This Scandinavian country landed on the 8th spot with Global Retirement Index Score of 77%, only slightly above the Netherlands. Despite the nation’s high taxes, its constituents aren’t complaining since everything is basically free. They receive social security, universal health care, and pension which makes it an ideal place to retire.

The kingdom of Denmark widely supports the welfare state to improve the nation’s life and well-being.


This Oceanic country land on the 6th spot with Global Retirement Index Score of 78%. If you want to live in a clean and less polluted country, then Australia is the perfect place to retire. This country is home to various natural ecosystems like golden sandy beaches, clean water, arid deserts, tropical rainforests, and snowy mountains. Australia also has over 14 world heritage sites and 500 national parks. So if you’re a nature and animal lover, you can find a haven in this place.


However, Sweden has the best benefits in the world. Just to start, all employees are entitled to five weeks paid vacation. It can even go longer if you’re older or working in the government (perfect for retirees.)! They also have universal healthcare, free daycare, and education system. Yes, even going to a university is free! It’s also a safe place for women because the government empowers women and strives for equality.


This European country landed on the top spot with Global Retirement Index Score of 84%. Switzerland is the haven for personal safety, solid infrastructure, and natural beauty. Hailed as a beautiful, safe, and clean country, the children can walk to school freely during the day and night without worrying for their safety since violent crime is nearly 0%. Moreover, the country has one of the lowest taxes in the world, which makes it perfect for the retirees! In fact, retirees can just pay a lump sum tax to fasten their permit processing to move in easily.

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