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What is the Secret of the World’s Third Richest Man Alive? You’ll Be Surprised How Simple His Investing Techniques Are!

Play deaf. At least that’s the general idea that we could learn from the so-called Wizard in the world of investing.

If you want to learn how to be ultimately fruitful with your investments like the Berkshire Hathaway chief-executive-officer, Warren Buffet, you must learn to ignore the current events and focus on more important things; like your long-term goal.

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet focuses more on watching the stock market than watching the current events

Always Focus on the Future

The world’s third wealthiest men in the records said, whatever he hears from the media broadcast about the company he plans to invest money into, he doesn’t let his decision to be influenced by it. He does not even have time to watch the news as he is always busy minding his own business studying the stock market’s pattern.

On the first quarter of May, stock exchange aggressively went down. That was after the United States of America’s president Donald Trump announced, that the tariffs on all products imported from China will inflate. For a lot of investors, this may be the time that they will sell their shares in fear of losing but not Buffet.

The prestigious investor believes, the cheaper the value of the stocks, the more reason he has to purchase it. He is fond of entrusting his investments into companies whom he thinks will hold their monetary worth for a longer time. He said he does not focus on the company’s quarterly financial capability. Rather, he considers its competence to last for the next 10 years or so.

Despite Kraft Heinz setback, Warren Buffet does not plan to sell his shares

Don’t’ be Afraid on the Setbacks

But just like any other humans, Buffet made some wrong decisions as well. He admitted into overspending with the food company Kraft Heinz. Kraft recently confessed that they got a subpoena from the US Securities and Exchange Commission which cost Buffet more than $4 billion worth of equity stake.

Despite the setback, Buffet told Quick in an interview that it never occurred in his mind to sell the shares he holds with Kraft. He believes the company can recover and is still a radically great business. As he always mentions in interviews, bad news doesn’t encourage him into selling his shares.

Invest in High-Quality Bets

After all, the well-known wealthiest investor does not bet on handful of investments. Before he puts his money on a certain business, he meticulously studies their portfolios first. In that way, whatever challenges the companies he puts his trust on, he is confident enough that they can overcome them in the long run.

Former President Barack Obama awards the Medal of Freedom to Warren Buffet in 2011

Warren Buffet, 88, aside from being one of the most successful investors in history, is also a well-known philanthropist. He never spends much money for himself. Rather, he vowed to put almost all of his fortunes to charity. Now, it’s safe to say, that officially puts him on the list of people everyone dreams of being friends with.

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