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Tiger Woods’ $54.4 Million Florida Home Has One INSANE Perk We All Want

Being a gifted golf player requires good practice and conducive environment that will mimic any standard golf course. Tiger Woods practices from his luxury home in Florida and the million-dollar property comes with its perks. These perks have made his $54.4 million property one of the most expensive in the country. Woods practices daily at the 3.5-acre golf course in his home to polish his talent and maintain his status as the best golf player in the world.

The 12-acre property is located on Jupiter Island, an exclusive area for the wealthiest. Jupiter Island has one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States.

The island looks like a haven from afar, inhabited by only a few people due to its exclusivity. Of course, money is the determining factor for having a home in this part of the country.

The property has ultra-modern amenities such as an oxygen tank, boat docks, tennis court, many pools, a complete gym facility, media room, game room, running track, master bath, a four golf course, and a wine cellar. Since he bought the property, he has spent over $15miilion to remake the house.

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