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Celebs Caught Without Makeup Who Prove Cosmetics Are Just Another Way to Apply More Beauty To Their Faces

Cosmetics and at times Photoshop are celebrities’ best allies when facing the public eye. All of them have the power to completely transform a person’s face into something you might not even recognize in its natural state. Some celebs go as far as to have plastic surgery just to try and remain as beautiful and stunning as possible. We’ve found some famous people though who, whether by their own doing or due to an invasion of the paparazzi, have been snapped in all their natural beauty. Read on to discover some of the most truly beautiful  (and not so) women in Hollywood!

Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love You

Country legend Dolly Parton already knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Belonging to a big family & not ideal conditions, Dolly grew up in harsh conditions but not for long. With her powerful & sweet voice, she became an instant hit & managed to climb to the top of the charts with several hit albums including ‘I Will Always Love You’. Dolly not only pursued singing but also fulfilled her dream of acting in superhit films including ‘9 To 5’. Dolly also stood apart because of her unique fashion sense, styling & features. For her age, she has well maintained herself & and is no doubt a beauty with or without makeup.

Cher – If  I Could Turn Back Time

The 1960s was the era of Sonny & Cher when Cher became a household name singing melodious tunes with her husband. She has a number of hits including  “You Better Sit Down Kids,” making it to the top 10 on her own after splitting from her husband. Cher isn’t only wonderful at singing but also won an Oscar for her mesmerizing performance in ‘Moonstruck’. Her versatile style won the hearts of millions and it’s no surprise she still looks great at her age of 72. Her skincare routine includes abstaining from everything that ages you including smoking, no wonder she looks healthy without makeup too.

Eva Mendes – Urban Legends

Eva Mendes kicked off her career starring in Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror. Her gorgeous looks made huge waves in Hollywood including the modeling industry. She is a beauty with brains having some next level entrepreneurial skills. After embracing motherhood she decided to slow down & put her career on hold. Being married to Hollywood’s heartthrob, Ryan Gosling, it’s no surprise that she looks fabulous without makeup with amazing, flawless glowing skin that she recently captured in her selfie & posting it on social media that has gone viral!

Cardi B – Invasion Of Privacy

Cardi B broke into the music industry in 2017 with her album Invasion of Privacy. The hip-hop star is regularly captured wearing makeup and looking rather glamorous but she did go ahead and post a video on Instagram where she was completely free of the cosmetics – and she looks rather different. We’re not sure whether we’ll get many more though as she recently deleted her Instagram account following a fall out with Azealia Banks. Nothing like a feud to make more money on records though!

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