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Celebs Caught Without Makeup Who Prove Cosmetics Are Just Another Way to Apply More Beauty To Their Faces

Cosmetics and at times Photoshop are celebrities’ best allies when facing the public eye. All of them have the power to completely transform a person’s face into something you might not even recognize in its natural state. Some celebs go as far as to have plastic surgery just to try and remain as beautiful and stunning as possible. We’ve found some famous people though who, whether by their own doing or due to an invasion of the paparazzi, have been snapped in all their natural beauty. Read on to discover some of the most truly beautiful  (and not so) women in Hollywood!

Jane Fonda – Grace and Frankie

Jane Fonda is a remarkable woman. She has earned two Academy Awards and has received numerous other accolades and nominations.  Additionally, Fonda has always been an outspoken activist both for feminism and anti-war movements like in the case of the Vietnam War. She also remains active in the industry at 81 years of age! Furthermore, have you seen her? She looks stunning, with or without makeup. Fonda was always very adept at working out and taking care of herself. She has aged with grace, much like the name of her current character in the Netflix comedy Grace and Frankie. 

Susan Sarandon – Dead Man Walking

Susan Sarandon is all about aging gracefully and naturally. She has said that she is not really a lover of beauty-enhancing procedures such as getting a facelift done to hide her creases. On the contrary, she has posed for magazines with little to no added products, proud of the marks of time. After years in the business, Susan continues to be a very prolific actress and it’s been confirmed in February 2019 that she’ll have a part in the movie Call Jane which deals with women’s rights issues. She will be co-starring with Elisabeth Moss.

Kirstie Alley – Cheers

Kirstie Alley doesn’t look bad with no makeup on for a 68-year old. In fact, she looks like a regular person. Kirstie is most famous for playing Rebecca Howe on the sitcom Cheers from 1987 until 1993. She won two awards for her performance, a Golden Globe and an Emmy. After that, she starred in the sitcom Veronica’s Closet for three years (1997-2000) and played a version of herself in the comedy TV series Fat Actress. Ally struggled with a cocaine addiction and subsequently became a Scientologist in 1979. Ally has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and finished as runner-up in 2018.

Naomi Watts – 21 Grams, Mulholland Drive &The Impossible

Naomi Watts consistently puts in incredible performances that will pull at your emotions perfectly and her slew of movies just keeps growing every year. She shared a photo of herself without any makeup on and she looks completely different. The usually striking beauty that Watts displays on the screen is nowhere to be seen and we’re left with an ordinary woman who you wouldn’t think is a global movie star.


Faith Hill – The Way You Love Me

Country star Faith Hill & her husband Tim McGraw became an instant hit with their powerful & beautiful voices. She not only managed to sell an insane amount of copies that won her the title of multi-platinum record holder but also won the hearts of many through her gorgeous, flawless looks. When not on a tour & under the spotlight, Faith definitely looks a completely different person without all the glitz & glam.

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