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Famous Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For Normal Jobs

During the height of their career, celebrities get to enjoy receiving huge paychecks along with their fame. While some of them have careers that have slowed down or just completely faded away, a lot of celebs left Hollywood to pursue their education or just live life as a normal person. And because of their ‘chosen’ normal lives after showbiz, they sometimes look at doing regular jobs as well. On the other hand, many celebrities were working regular jobs, before getting into show business! These jobs might not pay that much relatively, but it sure earns them enough to pay the bills. Let’s take a look at some celebrities who have done or are doing what we would call “normal jobs”.

Steven Anthony Lawrence – 28 – Teacher

Back in the early 2000s, a lot of people knew Steven Anthony Lawrence for playing Beans in the Disney show Even Stevens. He also appeared in other shows like The Amanda ShowMarried… with Children, and That’s So Raven. These days, Lawrence has taken an interest in working as a teacher. He has had seminars in Berkeley, USC, Pepperdine, and different high schools all around Los Angeles, although, Lawrence still accepts roles from time to time. In 2017, Steven played Jingles in the movie titled Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D.

Kirk Cameron – 48 – Preacher

From 1985 until 1992, actor Kirk Cameron was well known for playing Mike Seaver on the show, Growing Pains. His portrayal of the role earned him two Golden Globe award nominations. His other known portrayals were on Like Father Like Son, Listen to Me, and the Left Behind movies.  Cameron is now recognized for being an Evangelical Christian these days who preaches in his ministry called The Way of the Master. His ministry actually has a show on TV that is airing to this day. He and his wife also founded their own charity called The Firefly Foundation.

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