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Famous Celebrities & Their Massive Net Worth

We all indulge in a bit of celebrity news, and some of us even have our favorites. Celebs are the people that everyone loves to hate, and it sure would be easy to hate them for their stylish designer clothes, flashy cars, and luxury homes! Sometimes, it seems like the hardest work they’ve got to do is to haul themselves home after a long night of expensive wining and dining! Well, here we have grouped a random selection of celebrities and we give you a glimpse at their net worth, and what they’ve done to earn all their money! Also, have a look at what some of them are up to now. Try not to be jealous!

Tiger Woods – $740 Million

Tiger Woods is a golfer whose name even people who harbor zero interest in the sport have heard of. He first made great publicity with his stellar golfing skills, (he’s still a high-earning player though, having made $43.3 million in 2017!), then bad publicity over his several affairs. At his prime, he bagged almost every tournament he participated in! There is no doubt that Woods is a master golf player, regardless of any scandals or dirt on the dude! In fact, he is likely the most famous golfer in history! He is now 42 years old and still at it!

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