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The Highest Paid Female News Anchors & Their Super Luxurious Houses – Which Celeb House Is Your Vacation Dream Home?

Since early in the morning up until late at night, TV hosts are a part of our day. We see them after we wake up in the morning, informing us about the latest news while we sip our coffee and take our breakfast. They are also the people who would make us laugh all night during dinner. However, a woman in front of the cameras doing her own show was not always a frequent thing in the past! Yet, the ladies that we have now have made it big time! They’ve built a fruitful career for themselves and no doubt their earnings are as high as their popularity! Follow our list with the most successful female anchors!

30. Jane Hanson – Estimated Net Worth $2 Million  – NBC, New York Live (retired)

We may not know exactly how much Jane Hanson has in the bank, but we know that in September 2018, she listed her house in Long Island for a little bit under $2 million, so we can more or less imagine! Jane Hanson has worked hard in the media industry for decades and she was one of the few to be rewarded and awarded accordingly. Hanson has won nine Emmy Awards for her shows, one of them for her homonymous show on WNBC-TV. She was a host for NBC’s New York Live and she has also contributed to The Today Show.

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