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Death & Royalty In America: The Tragic History Of The Kennedy Curse

After a near-death experience in 1969, U.S. Senator Edward “Ted” Moore Kennedy famously questioned if there was a curse hanging over his family because of the similar catastrophes several people in his family had experienced. The misfortunes that have befallen the family have been known as the Kennedy Curse ever since.

The Kennedys are among the most prominent American families because of their long-standing involvement in politics, business, and public service. However, they’ve also become famous for a series of tragic incidents over the past decades, including the recent death of Saoirse Kennedy Hill in August 2019.

Joe Kennedy Jr. Died During A Top-Secret Mission

The Kennedy Curse seems to have started with Joseph “Joe” P. Kennedy, Jr., in 1944. When he was 29 years old, Joe Jr., lost his life while flying for a secret mission during World World II. The cause of the explosion that killed him remains a mystery.

Before his younger brother John F. Kennedy, Joe Jr., was groomed by his father to become president from a very young age. Prior to completing his law degree at Harvard University in 1941, he decided to enlist in the United States Naval Reserve, where he served as a bomber pilot.

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