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Incredible Golden Age Celebrities Who Are Still Alive And Kicking

Sometimes you watch actors in old films or hear a song you haven’t heard in a long time and think: I wonder if that person is still alive! Some actors keep performing until they pass away, but others decide after a few decades that they’ve had enough of life in the spotlight. These stars are sometimes thought to be dead, just because they are enjoying a quieter life, whereas, after years of stardom, they’ll have taken a financial advisor in hand to plan out their years post-Hollywood. To clear it all up: these stars are all still alive, they are just enjoying the payoff of their retirement planning.

Betty White – 96

Betty White may be one of the most vibrant character actresses around. White has been acting her whole life, starting out in 1939. She appeared in many TV series, such as The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland. White did a lot to improve women’s status in front and behind the camera, working as a writer and a director in Hollywood. Her comedic talents have landed her part after part, and she still appears as a guest actor in many films and TV series nowadays. White certainly needs a financial advisor to help her with her $75 million net worth she has earned during her long career. A true Golden Girl!

Barbi Benton – 68

The Hee Haw actress absolutely dominated the 70s and 80s with her stunning looks and immense talent. With a face like a barbie, Barbi Benton started her illustrious career as a model. Later she came into Hollywood and took it by storm. She was also an integral part of the famous show Fantasy Island which made fans fall in love with her even more. And even now at the age of 68, she looks so stunning and fresh that we simply are in awe!

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