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The Most Inspiring Love Stories of Country Couples

If there’s one thing country music speaks about most often it’s love. So it’s no wonder these country stars have the most incredible love stories you could imagine. Real-life experiences that sometimes can be even more touching than those that appear in movies.

Find out how these celebrities, despite having all the money and fame in the world, struggled to find their other half, and how they have taken inspiration from these moments to create beautiful love songs, always reminding us that you can’t fight true and unconditional love; it just happens.


Luke Bryan & Caroline Boyer – Married for 13 years

The Knocking Boots singer Luke Bryan met his wife Caroline Boyer in 1998 when they were both students at the Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. They dated for a while back then but broke up, and later on, after many relationships, they reunited. Luke was now an established singer in Nashville.

They married in 2006 in the Turks & Caicos Islands and had two kids together. The couple had to stand together in the face of tragedy after Luke’s sister and brother-in-law passed away. Being selfless as they are, they adopted their niece and nephews.


Brad Paisley & Kimberly Williams-Paisley – Married for 16 years

For the singer Brad Paisly, it was a rare case of love at first sight. When he saw the actress Kimberly Williams in the 1991 hit film Father Of The Bride, he was completely smitten by her beauty. Even before meeting her, she had his heart, and years later, he requested her to star in the music video for his song I’m Gonna Miss Her.

The couple started dating in 2001 and two years after they tied the knot. Years later, they welcomed their two children, Huck, and Jasper, who are 12 and 10 respectively. Brad’s latest song was released recently and it’s called My Miracle.

Jimi Westbrook & Karen Fairchild – Married for 13 years

These two were the protagonists of an incredible love story. They met in college while they were attending Stanford University. At the time, nothing happened between them but they would reconnect years later after moving to Nashville and started to make music together.

Jimi and Karen, along with some friends, founded the popular country band Little Big Town in 1998. Karen was married back then but things didn’t work out and after she split from her husband, she decided to give love a second chance with Jimi. They married in 2006 and have a child together. The band’s latest song, called Summer Fever, was released in 2018.

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