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For the most part, living life might seem like going through an everyday routine. Doing regular work, just simply getting by as each day goes on. Imagine what it would be like if suddenly, as you’re just having an average day, you come across something remarkable, and life as you know it suddenly has a whole new meaning. For Daniel Rom Kristiansen, this was exactly what happened. What started out as a simple search for a history class project suddenly blew up into a worldwide phenomenon. And it all started on one fateful day in March 2017.

Daniel Rom Kristiansen — Just Your Average Teen

Daniel Rom Kristiansen, a boy from Birkelse, Denmark was just an average teenager, living a normal life. The fourteen-year-old teen had been given homework on history where he needed to write about World War II. Never in his wildest imagination would he have thought that he would come across something extraordinary in the process. His rather quiet and uneventful life unexpectedly turned around when he made a major discovery that would soon rock the historical landscape. And this groundbreaking moment would not have occurred without his father’s simple joke and his great-grandfather’s old story.

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