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Super Luxurious Houses Where Your Favorite A-List Celebrities Live

Before you is a list of the most lavish celebrity houses which include Prince Harry’s surprising new mega-mansion, John Travolta’s humble airfield, and many more. Well, since we’ve cleared that out, it’s time for us to show you some of the most luxurious pads out there, then make sure to stay with us until the end of the list. So, are you ready to be impressed?

Michael Phelps – $2.5 Million, Scottsdale

Ever wondered where Michael Phelps spends his days and nights? Well, we did too and we found out that he’s been enjoying his family life in a Scottsdale mansion since 2016. And it seems like space was the top priority for the swimming legend while taking rounds with his real estate agent since this deluxe house has around 6,000-square-foot of living space and it spreads across nearly one acre of land. Besides five bedrooms and six baths, the mansion offers a formal dining room, spacious kitchen, four fireplaces, hot tub, swimming pool, and a barbecue area.

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