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Super Luxurious Celebrity Houses – The Price Of Ariana Grande’s Home Is Through The Roof!

If you have ever had any illusions that celebrities are just like you and me, you are about to let go of them. Before you is a list of the most lavish celebrity houses which include Prince Harry’s surprising new mega-mansion, John Travolta’s humble airfield, and many more. Well, since we’ve cleared that out, it’s time for us to show you some of the most luxurious pads out there, then make sure to stay with us until the end of the list. So, are you ready to be blown away?

Morgan Freeman – Amount Undisclosed, Mississippi

Morgan Freeman definitely earned his place in the industry as an A-lister after years of acting. Freeman decided to head back to his roots in the southern charms of Mississippi and live like a true royalty. He started coming back in the ’80s and built a house on a property owned by his grandparents. Even in his 80s, Freeman frequently enjoys riding horses, visiting local blues clubs, and dining at a local restaurant near his abode. Freeman has starred in some huge blockbusters like Streetsmart and Seven, and he’s managed to amass a staggering $200 million fortune.

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