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Get Ready For A Throwback Look At Red-Carpet Appearances Of The ’90s

The ’90s was a decade filled with red-carpet events at Hollywood featuring outfits we’d prefer to forget and relationships we can’t believe we forgot. These couples seemed so meant for each other that we thought a wedding was in the cards for most of them.

For an engaging stroll down memory lane, here’s a list of the most famous (or infamous) of these blasts from the past. As we feast our eyes on long-forgotten memories, we can either see how these ’90s artists have evolved or reminisce about the ones we’ve lost.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Were Still A Thing

The ’90s became the heyday of one of our favorite couples. Actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had the classic fairytale romance, and they seemed to be living happily ever after in marriage. The couple decided to have two children through adoption: Isabella and Connor.

Kidman used to flaunt her luscious curls as Cruise stood proudly beside her. However, they eventually went their separate ways. Kidman rebuilt her life with singer Keith Urban, while Cruise married actress Katie Holmes, though this relationship also ended. In July 2019, Cruise released the trailer of Top Gun’s long-awaited sequel.

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