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Most Startling NFL Stars’ Houses & Cars

American football is one of the highest-paying entertainment franchises in the world. As a result, top NFL player rake in millions over the course of their careers. Many of these players like to stay in the spotlight even when they’re off the field with lavish, big-ticket purchases. With buckets of money spent on luxury cars and mansions, there seems to be no end to football’s pool of wealth. Here is our list of some of the most impressive purchases made by NFL stars. You’re not likely to find any stories of missed mortgage payment or loan defaults here!

Tom Brady – Spent An Estimated $300K On A Rolls-Royce Ghost

Tom Brady has had a long career in football, taking the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl a staggering seven times in almost two decades with the team. And while Brady’s tenure as a quarterback has weathered scandals like “deflate-gate” and allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs, it doesn’t seem to have hampered his earnings. In addition to high-profile properties in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York, Brady owns a custom Rolls-Royce Ghost, worth about $300,000. Brady’s affinity for British luxury cars is so strong that he’s even been picked to serve as brand ambassador for Aston Martin.

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