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The Most Insane Celeb Yachts & Jets – Who Spent 10 Times the Average Mortgage on Their New Toy?

While luxurious sports cars might look like the greatest show of loaded bank accounts for most people, the powerful and filthy rich celebrities are on another level. They have the money to take to the skies and seas in their private yachts and jets as they enjoy lifestyles regular people can only dream about. Floating or flying, celebrities appearing on this list have it all when it comes to living extravagantly, not paying attention to those very common financial issues we know all about. Celebrities want to travel in style and comfort and there is no a better option than flying or floating in their private jets or yachts. Their financial advisers are probably not very happy about them spending money on these luxurious items since these investments cost a ton of fortune.

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs – Wanted to Host Lavish Cruise Ship Parties

The Grammy-winning rap mogul Puff Diddy Combs with his staggering net worth can afford some of the most luxurious items in the world. He is the proud owner of several lavish mansions, luxurious cars, and much more, but that is almost nothing in comparison to his private yacht The Maraya that is worth around an astonishing $65 million. Puff Diddy wanted to host extravagant parties while at sea, so his purchased The Maraya to welcome his friends and family on board in the greatest style. This cruising beauty requires ten staff members on board while Puff enjoys relaxing next to his built-in bar.

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