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The Most Insane Celeb Yachts & Jets – You’ll Be Surprised To See Who’s Got The Best Stuff!

While luxurious sports cars might look like the greatest show of loaded bank accounts for most people, the powerful and filthy rich celebrities are on another level. They have the money to take to the skies and seas in their private yachts and jets as they enjoy lifestyles regular people can only dream about. Floating or flying, celebrities appearing on this list have it all when it comes to living extravagantly, not paying attention to those very common financial issues we know all about. Celebrities want to travel in style and comfort and there is no a better option than flying or floating in their private jets or yachts. Their financial advisers are probably not very happy about them spending money on these luxurious items since these investments cost a ton of fortune.

Celine Dion – Having a Private Jet Was Necessary as She Travels All The Time

Renowned pop singer Celine Dion dominated the music charts in the 1990s and eventually became one of the highest-paid musicians with no money issues. Thanks to her victorious career and her presence in the music industry for more than two decades, Celine sure does not need a bank loan to afford some lavish items. As you may already know, she travels a lot for her tours, so having a private jet became a necessity if she wanted to be there on time. Therefore, she purchased a luxurious Bombardier Global Express for $42 million several years ago. Her jet is very spacious designed with elegantly designed furniture. It also comes with a small gourmet kitchen, so her guests can enjoy nice meals while traveling with her.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Wanted to Enjoy the 2014 World Cup in Style with His Close Friends

The American actor, movie producer, and environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio, is one of the highest-paid actors in the Hollywood industry with a jaw-dropping net worth. However, he is not that affluent that he can spare $400 million to buy a superyacht like the Topaz. Fortunately, he was able to rent it in 2014 for $1.3 million a week. He welcomed his friends and family who enjoyed the 2014 World Cup in style while cruising the seas. The yacht can accommodate up to sixty-two guests and seventy-eight crew members who can all enjoy a home cinema, three swimming pools, a gym, and much more.

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